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Harvest Festival....?

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Bunjamin · 14/10/2008 15:57

hello, my dd has just started reception and when she came home just now, told me it was a very special day tmw and can she take some food into school!!!! Is there a right / wrong thing to take in??? Any ideas please! Many thanks!

OP posts:
ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR · 14/10/2008 16:00


Most schools make the donations into hampers and either give them to old folk in the area or auction them off for school funds.

Absolutely anything is okay to take.

Someone always takes a tin of apricots that went out of date in 1973

frankbestfriend · 14/10/2008 16:00

Dried foods like pasta or lentils, crackers or biscuits

Tinned goods- veg, beans, soup

Jars of sauce or preserves

Basically anything that can be stored in a cupboard.

MollieO · 14/10/2008 16:04

At our school they asked for pasta, rice, pulses etc with a best before date of at least 6 months in the future.

MingMingtheWonderPet · 14/10/2008 16:06

As long as it is not out of date then anything will be fine!

Bunjamin · 14/10/2008 17:17

Thank you! Loving the idea that something will always be out of date! ha ha! Will get there with this new school malarky... thanks for all your help

OP posts:
Bunch · 14/10/2008 17:20

We've been asked to send in cat/dog food for the local animal shelter! I'm completely against this and so will not be sending anything in with DD.

nolongeraworriedmummy · 14/10/2008 17:53

why you against it bunch?

Bunch · 14/10/2008 17:57

Because although I'm an animal lover I thought taking in Harvest goods was meant for the elderly or homeless, not for animals. I'll send in DS with extra stuff as his is going to the homeless. I just don't support animal charities when there are so many human charities around.

nolongeraworriedmummy · 14/10/2008 18:15

ah yes I see your point especially with harvest festival as like you said it has always been a time for giving to the elderly and homeless through school.

That said I do support animal charities as much as I can, I also support human ones but there are times when I like animal company a whole lot more than human company, consequance of a long difficult marriage

Bunch · 14/10/2008 18:20

Good point. Glad someone else agrees with me though. DD(8) totally agreed and decided she didn't want to take anything in. Not only are they suggesting pet food but they've even specified the particular brand that we must buy!!

Hulababy · 14/10/2008 21:22

We take in our offerings (some are massive things too ) on Friday. There is a service at 3pm, and then you can go and by them back afterwards. Money goes to local charity.

I have jutt got DDs today - have a basket and have bought to go in it: flour, chocolate, mini bun cases, marshallows, chocolate sprinkles, dried fruit... stuff to bake with basically.

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