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Sorry - another Reading Thread - Year 1 and reading support

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funnykc · 14/10/2008 10:03

My DS is in Year 1 and currently on ORT Yellow. Lat year, his Reception report was good and my discussions with his teacher didn't highlight any issues.

At parents evening this term, I was told that DS is having additional reading support to help his confidence. This baffled me for two reasons, firstly no indication that he had a problem previously and he really enjoys reading. He does struggle sometimes but tackles words positively and is always keen to read.

I asked how often he would have one-to-one reading in class and was told that in a week he should cover his sounds and words, individual reading and guided reading at least once. He has not had sounds and words practice with a teacher since 29/09 and no individual reading since the first week of term.

We read his school books and deal with his sounds and words at least three times a week at home and we read stories every night at bed time.

His attitude to reading now is that it is getting hard and I spend a lot of time encouraging him and helping him.

I feel like the lack of reading routine at school is not helping. If he does need extra support, shouldn't it be essential that the basic routine of sounds and words, individual reading and guided reading is met?

I also have no written feedback on these extra reading lessons in his home/school book so I have no idea how often he has these lessons or how he gets on.

Am I expecting too much from the school?

BTW I work full time and DS is my PFB

Any advice would really help me get things in to perspective before I arrange a chat with his teacher.


KC xx

OP posts:
Housemum · 14/10/2008 13:14

Seems like a big lack of communication from the school. My DDs went to different schools but both had system where child brought book home to read and you logged it in their "reading record" - they also read this book at school to either a teacher/learning asst or a parent helper - does your DS's school have volunteer readers? DD2 reads 4 out of 5 days at school and there is always a comment from someone to show she has read there.

funnykc · 14/10/2008 13:39

Thanks Housemum.

I don't think there are any volunteer readers - I will ask that question when I arrange to see the teacher.

DS has a reading record book and he chooses ORT books to bring home. There aren't too many comments from school and I don't think he reads 4 out of 5 days at school as there is no record of it in his book.

I don't mind working with him at home but I do feel like I am under a bit of pressure to keep up the reading momentum so that he doesn't slip too far behind.

OP posts:
GooseyLoosey · 14/10/2008 13:55

Is he behind at all, or is he reading at the same level as his peers? My ds is in year 1 and there are many children reading at pink or blue level (or below but can't remember what they are).

funnykc · 14/10/2008 14:13

Hi GooseyLoosey

His teacher has said that there are 6 other children in the class that are getting this extra help.

The only other thing she said about his reading level was that he should recognise 30 key words and he only knows 27, which I didn't think was a major problem.

I'm not sure where yellow sits in terms of reading development but he was on this level last term.



OP posts:
ListersSister · 14/10/2008 14:14

National Bookbands start at Pink, then Red, then Yellow, then Blue, then Green etc etc. The average child starts Yr 1 at Red/Yellow, but there is a huge variation in what is normal, and no cause for alarm if they are not the same place as their peers, as learning to read often doesn't follow a linear path, quite often children jump and plateau etc.

Not that it helps much, but my dd's school doesn't hear individuals read at all (unless on school action etc), and only does group reading every few weeks or so, yet has excellent reading results. Therefore there isn't a 'one scheme works best' situation. In fact we don't have kind of home-school reading record, and only one book home a week if that.

Is it possible funnykc, that your ds's apparent lack of confidence is down to pressure being put on, and that everyone backing off a bit could help? It doesn't sound to me that he is behind at all...

funnykc · 14/10/2008 15:12

Thanks ListersSister, I didn't think there was a problem until the teacher told me about this support class.

So I started to get a little worried as I thought all was well on the reading front.

Thanks for your reassurance and information on reading levels.

Will relax now and stick with our normal reading routine and will have a word with his teacher to see how he is getting on.

Thanks again all

KC xx

OP posts:
nolongeraworriedmummy · 14/10/2008 18:00

ORT yellow is fine for year one and most of dds class are around that, dd was on blue level at her other school but the new school believe she was rushed through the levels and she lost her confidence because of it and hated reading (I agree) so have moved her right down to red/yellow books, she can do the read books easily but its making her a confident reader again which is great.

When I worked in schools I did the reading confidence support scheme you are talking about and it wasnt just the poorest readers that did it. I really wouldnt worry

nolongeraworriedmummy · 14/10/2008 18:01

I meant to add that my dds school are doing this reading confidence support scheme with every child in foundation and keystage 1 and 2

ladypinky · 14/10/2008 21:36

Hi Funny KC

My DD in yr 1 last year had additional support with 5 other children for reading over something like 6 weeks. I also work full time and was upset, confused that nothing had been said previously about her reading. All I can say is that she now reads 10 mins everyday (sometimes more but at the very least) and the books she is bringing home from school are far too easy! Accept the help the school is offering, just be thankful it has been picked up now and you are getting the support from the school.I hope that helps to settle your mind also we did the team read over the summer holidays for the first time, our local library was excellent and she absolutely come on leaps and bounds. Sorry this is long but hope it is constructive.

Housemum · 15/10/2008 00:06

Just been to check DD's book - she's on Yellow and is considered to be at the lower end of the middle set for English (at her school they are streaming them after half term for English and maths, although the children don't know, just think they are in different groups, as they already do work in groups). But no mention of extra help being needed, teacher thinks she is making normal progress.

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