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Help - Bozza's DS wants to go to school as a Stormin' Norman for bookweek. Need to sort a costume by Friday and am working tomorrow....

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bozza · 08/10/2008 20:11

Last Friday we got the letter home about bookweek and dressing as their favourite book character. It has taken DS until tonight to decide he wants to go as a Stormin' Norman from the horrible histories series - it is his school reading book as it happens.

So I am sitting looking at the cover and it basically shows Normans in tights (will I persuade him? ) and chain mail with shields, swords and axes. I think we have a shield and sword and an axe is pretty manageable in the run up to Halloween. But how do I go about doing chain mail and a helmet?

I can nip out at lunchtime tomorrow and have access to a reasonable range of shops but not all in same direction so would have to choose between but - Asda, Toys R Us, Hobbycraft, Big W, Disney, M and S etc.

OP posts:
bozza · 08/10/2008 20:12

Thanks for any ideas.

OP posts:
bozza · 08/10/2008 20:32

Well after that fantastic response I have rung DH (away tonight) and come up with the following. Make a helmet out of some grey card. Buy some grey fabric, cut a hole to make a tunic and draw circles on to make it into chain mail. DS to wear a belt with that.

Whadya think? Anyone got any embellishments to add to this? Or a better way of doing chain mail?

OP posts:
TwoPumpkins · 09/10/2008 15:07

got any spray paint, could you spay paint an old loose knit jumper?

bozza · 09/10/2008 15:09

Good idea. I may have - not sure if it is silver or gold. I have bought some silver card and tissue with which to make a helmet.

OP posts:
TwoPumpkins · 09/10/2008 16:10

if you can knit you could get some silver wool, but it seems a bit above and beyond (lazy emoticon)!

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