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whats the symmptons of 'dyslexia'

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mysonsmummy · 06/10/2008 08:21

thats it really thanks.

OP posts:
christywhisty · 12/10/2008 14:08

DS's reading did click at about 7 but that was because he was taught synthetic phonics. He is 13 now and the spelling still hasn't clicked. He is very talented (his teachers words) in the sciences but yesterday was trying to do search on google for "biolagy"

If I can reassure you ds is really flourishing at secondary school despite not being able to spell.

WhizzzingAroundOnABroomstick · 12/10/2008 14:12

mysonsmummy - if he doesn't get the fact that the various letters are linked to different sounds, then he might just be able to memorise the letter order after hes just done them with you, but then can't apply that later on at school.
Does he understand that a letter S (ess) has a 'ss' sound etc ie. if you write down the letters, can he give you the sound rather than the letter name?

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