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Where oh where can I buy grey school tights for leggy and thinnish 6yo?

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TheDuchessOfNork · 05/10/2008 11:26

She's about 1.25m tall and quite slim so larger sizes sag within minutes and it all goes a bit Nora Batty. Otherwise they come up too short and leave a 6" gap below the gusset (arf @ gusset).

Is she doomed to wear long socks all winter?

Eye thank yew

OP posts:
sandyballs · 05/10/2008 11:32

I have this problem with long legged and skinny DD (7) and after wasting loads of money on various makes, have decided that good old Woolies is the best. Size 9-11 seem to fit her very well.

TheDuchessOfNork · 05/10/2008 21:07

I don't think we have a pair from Woolies, we'll give them a try, at least they'll be cheap!

OP posts:
LostGirl · 06/10/2008 11:04

We have similar problem but found that this year the Woolies tights came up quite small, but Next seemed to be very generous in length.

imaginaryfriend · 06/10/2008 14:07

John Lewis age 7-8 are perfect on my tall skinny 6-year-old. They also wash really well. go for the ones with lycra.

Anna8888 · 06/10/2008 14:10

Doré-Doré (DD) tights are fabulously stretchy. Standard French tights that you can get in any department store or children's shop here - Harrods stock them. Or I can send you some from here if you CAT me.

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