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question for teachers regarding spelling out words

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nolongeraworriedmummy · 01/10/2008 19:04

I have been reading with dd and splitting the words up like this, eg for the word mammoth m.a.m (mam)m.o.t.h (moth) and then she puts the mam and the moth together and gets mammoth, school have asked me not to do this and do the letters individually m.a.m.m.o.t.h but with big words like this dd has forgotten the first bit by the time she gets to the end.

Also the word good if dd spells out g.o.o.d she says God.

How can I help her

OP posts:
pooka · 01/10/2008 19:13

Well, with "good" dd has been taught to sound:


i.e. oo is a sound of its own. Like "play"

would become


SHe does jolly phonics.

With mammoth she would do

m-a-m-m-o-th (th being another sound, separate to t and h).

VanillaPumpkin · 01/10/2008 19:23

Have a look on the Jolly Phonics website. It has really helped me help dd1 as that is the sort of 'system' they are using at school.
There is a bit about short pronunciations too eg t as the sound not tuh, p as the sound not puh if you see what I mean.
Having said all that if the splitting of mammoth works then this is another method isn't it? I certainly don't think it is wrong .

VanillaPumpkin · 01/10/2008 19:25

There are 42 sounds I think including oo ee er igh as well as what we think of as the letter sounds.

nolongeraworriedmummy · 01/10/2008 19:26

thanks, will have a look, obviously with smaller words I have been doing g.e.t and such, its just the really long words she struggles with, it makes me laugh how early ORT can have words like trumpet and mammoth.

OP posts:
cornsilk · 01/10/2008 19:27

why did they tell you not to split into syllables?

cazzybabs · 01/10/2008 19:28

If I was doing mammoth - I would say it is 2 syllables (claps) and like you split it up into mam and moth and then so those phonetically - m-a-m....m-o-th.

nolongeraworriedmummy · 01/10/2008 19:28

from reading the message vanilla i dont think she wants me to do the sounds as she has said not to do t.r.ea.t but do t.r.e.a.t [confused smilie]

OP posts:
pooka · 01/10/2008 19:30

You know, with mammoth if I were breaking the word down I would be inclined to do:

mamm-oth (with the th being sounded out as one unit if you see what I mean)

Because when you break it into mam-moth, you have a double m sound when one shouldn't be there.

With trumpet I probably would do trump-et if on the first reading dd was forgetting the earliest sounds.

VanillaPumpkin · 01/10/2008 19:40

Ooh, that is odd then. I would go see her again to clarify. My dd is yr 1 and it is all phonics and tricky sight words at the moment.....

cornsilk · 02/10/2008 02:49

mam-moth is correct though - it's a vowel consonant/coonsonant vowel (vc/cv)pattern of syllable division.

Anngeree · 03/10/2008 13:09

When ds was in reception he was encouraged to sound out each letter individually then when he became confident with the individual letter sounds he had to blend them together. Ds is in yr1 now & he's encouraged to find smaller words within the bigger word, so I would have encouraged him to say mam-moth aswell.

maverick · 03/10/2008 13:16

Sound out 'mammoth' as m/a/mm/o/th -don't split sounds like /mm/ or /th/

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