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DD voluntarily wrote pages of homework - this topic has caught her interest

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KatyMac · 26/09/2008 21:03

She was off sick yesterday (but actually fine - threw up in the night & woke up fine) - she sat down and wrote pages of diary entries for her child in the 1890's

I was very impressed - because she was having trouble keeping up a couple of years ago due to bullying & this stuff she wrote was funny, well written and really engaging

She chose odd words occasionally but it was (IMO) very mature and I was so chuffed - it looks like she has moved through the troubles and come out the other side

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LadyGlencoraPalliser · 26/09/2008 21:36

Fantastic stuff, LittleMissKatyMac!

KatyMac · 26/09/2008 22:33

I am very proud as she seems to have moved on

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