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I have a seemingly irrational dislike of the new 'Stars Of the Week' system at dds primary

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PoorOldEnid · 23/09/2008 10:50

and I wonder why

Is it because of an intrinsic dislike of anything 'happy clappy' or holiday camp-ish

or ARE there any downsides to them

Teachers pick one or two children a week to be the STARS - the reason is put on a board in the reception area of teh school eg " Enids dd is a STAR because she is reliable and helpful to others"

OP posts:
MamaG · 23/09/2008 10:58

oh ROFL at the tricicle thing - sorry but that must look so funny, I'd laugh if i were there!

Nah, not going to go in as it was last year and THIS year they have new teacher (who happens to be the best teacher ever, she's wonderful, so encouraging etc) and DD is so happy in her class. She doesn't do SOTW, just loads of encouragement and praise

Cappuccino · 23/09/2008 10:58

we have this - there's Star of the Day for individual classes and Special Mentions for whole school assembly stuff

they all get to be stars tho tbh dd1's 'achievements' are sometimes a bit dubious (once in Reception she was star of the day for sitting up straight, prompting her friend to go "WHAT?" - to be fair she is disabled so does sag to one side when sitting)

the depths to which they will sink to reward my child shows how committed they are to making sure all children are rewarded

I don't see any downsides particularly, it's not the same kid over and over

dd1 is always beside herself with glee to win

nervousal · 23/09/2008 10:59

I hate it too. DD just started school in August - and the last two Fridays has been distraught when she's come home becauase she didn't get star of the week. Last Friday I just couldn't comfort her at all - "but why doesn't (teacher) like me? I've tried so so hard Mummy and (teacher) won't put my name up. I AM a good girl..." etc etc etc

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 10:59

Message withdrawn

Majeika · 23/09/2008 10:59

am still lol-ing at the trike!!

ds1 would be mortified if he had to ride in on a trike!!!!

MamaG · 23/09/2008 10:59

I?ve hurt my mouth from biting inside my lip to stop me laughing aloud at the trike/postman hat image.

Am in office with three others

Buda · 23/09/2008 10:59

MamaG - it is funny - they play Return to Sender too! The children all giggle and the dep head is a bit of a nutter anyway. It's lovely.

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:00

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian · 23/09/2008 11:00

We have that.

Mine are usually the last to get one and it's usually for something along the lines of 'Star of the week: for sitting nicely during carpet time', and Star of the week: for being nice and kind to everyone'. I think they are sort of booby prize for the less than academically gifter

Buda · 23/09/2008 11:00

The child on the trike volunteers! They LOVE it!

Majeika · 23/09/2008 11:00

ROFL at 'Return to sender'

I hope this gets on the Homepage

'Does your child ride into Assembly on a trike wearing a postman's hat?'

Blu · 23/09/2008 11:01

I like it - they all get a chance (oh good's very democratic)..DS's 'achievement awards' (as they are called in his school) have variously been for 'great scientific thinking' to 'good underarm bowling'. The teachers seem very good at picking the right moment to affirm something that struggling or 'wide-boundaried' children have achieved.

Don't be so jittery!

ingles2 · 23/09/2008 11:01

Oh God
I HATE this...
At our last school, they had Perfect Pupil FFS... that the entire class voted on.. ugh

Cappuccino · 23/09/2008 11:01

ah yes

we got it for 'concentrating' one day

the fact that when asked, dd1 couldn't remember what she was concentrating on. showed up quite how much that behaviour needed rewarding

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:01

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:02

Message withdrawn

Peckarolloveragain · 23/09/2008 11:02

PMSL at postmans hat

Majeika · 23/09/2008 11:02

I can see I would be peed off if ds didnt get SOTW but they should all get a go and you should embrace it!

Pick your annoyances at school as there will be plenty - but SOTW is quite cool really and if they get chosen they are thrilled, if they dont then they need to work harder and if it gets to the end of term and not chosen go in and mention it!!

ingles2 · 23/09/2008 11:02

oh and now... they have
House point King or Queen! Who can take a pen or rubber from the Brain box for the most HPs

Cappuccino · 23/09/2008 11:03

"shitty sitting" [shock}

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:03

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:03

Message withdrawn

MamaG · 23/09/2008 11:04

did you only just realise we'll slag off anything cod?

Remotew · 23/09/2008 11:04

We had this in year 3, star of the week and my DD never got it once, some kids got it a few times . It cropped up again in year 6 now 'wonder of the week' again DD never got it until the very last week of the year . I reckoned it was because she aced her sats. I hated it as I knew how dissapointed the kids that never got it must have felt every Friday.

FluffyMummy123 · 23/09/2008 11:04

Message withdrawn

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