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At what age do you think girls and boys should change separately for PE?

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Orinoco · 20/09/2008 22:26

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
CaptainStellaMaris · 20/09/2008 22:28

At our school, year six gets changed seperately, everyone else in the classroom. I've never heard of anyone feeling self-conscious about it - it's not like they have to strip off or anything.

Orinoco · 20/09/2008 22:30

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 20/09/2008 22:33

I'd also say Y3, as my ds1 is now in the same boat as your dd and is starting to be "shy" and close doors when he and others are changing, goes in the correct gender shower or changing in campsite shower blocks and swimming pools as he's nearly 8.

Can you mention it to the teacher? If nothing is practical from the school's POV, then can you teach her clever tricks like putting her shorts or tracksuit pants on before taking her skirt off, and have the PE t-shirt under her jumper or whatever? I think in your shoes i'd be doing this - and maybe getting her some pretty cami tops so that she's not going to have to go completely undressed if there are no other solutions to this situation.
Surely it is possible in a small school to let the girls change in the cloakroom and the boys in the classroom, or whatever?

NorthernLurker · 20/09/2008 22:35

Ermm my year 6 is nowhere near wearing a bra and most of her friends are at a similar stage. How about you leave this one to sit for a bit and just tell your dd that if she is uncomfortable about anything she only has to say and you will sort it.

Feenie · 20/09/2008 22:38

Y5 and Y6 change separately at our school.

MrsTittleMouse · 20/09/2008 22:39

According to NHS Direct, the "average, normal" age to enter puberty is anything from 8 to 13. So easily encompassing junior school age. I wouldn't be happy.
I can remember a couple of girls in junior school with me starting their periods, and that was a long long time ago - things happen younger nowadays.

LynetteScavo · 20/09/2008 22:41

Personally I'd say Y3, but in practice for DS it has been Y5.

Last year DS was in reception, and he told me the boys hide their pants from the girls as they point and laugh at the boys.

OhYouBadBadKitten · 20/09/2008 22:42

One of dds friends is starting to develop in YR4 and wears a cami. dd is most excited at the thought of herself starting to develop (goodness knows why) I asked whether she thought she'd mind changing in the classroom when she does. Her reply was 'why would I?, I'll keep my bra on like I keep my knickers on now'. I just hope the boys are as practical minded as she seems to be at the moment.

pinkbubbleGUM · 20/09/2008 22:43

My DD has just started YR6 and definately needs to wear a bra! Its a shame really as she is a slight thing, with a bit of a bosum! Poor girl is mortified! Every chance she has she covers up, normally with a cardigan. She hates PE with avengence, have just thought I wonder if thats why! Will ask her tomorrow!

I think they should have separate areas to change into in YR6, unfortunately where and how is it would work, have no idea!

LollipopViolet · 21/09/2008 12:30

I shudder at this memory. Basically, I was an early developer, had my first period at eight years old! Anyway, I was in yr4 with a male teacher and it was hell, frankly.

I was forced to change in the dsiabled toilet because "i was more developed" and he didn't want the other kids to see that my breasts were developing etc. I was also banned from PE whenever I was "on" (my mum had to send a note in to say it had all started etc) and even though my mum said PE was fine this teacher was like, "no, you're not doing PE with your period. You can sit and read." Ugh that was awful.

So I personally think there's no issue until say, yr5, maybe. It depends on the kids really.

islandofsodor · 21/09/2008 13:49

I would say from Year 3 then it can be a standard thing when they go into Juniors.

By law children taking part in theatre/dance school performances have to have separate changing from the age of 5. I don't know why it is so different in schools.

Madsometimes · 21/09/2008 15:56

My dd is in year 4 and they all get changed together in the classroom. However, there is a girl in her class who has been wearing a bra since year 3. My dd says that certain boys cannot keep their eyes off her when she is changing. I feel very sorry for her.

angrypixie · 21/09/2008 20:44

It's a practical thing. There just isn't the space for separate changing in most schools and if you do negotiate a space - which gender do you allow to go unsupervised?

rubyloopy · 22/09/2008 11:42

Message withdrawn

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