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what extra curricular activities are offered to your school's KS1 if any? Our school offers none but parents expressed an interested in volunteering in running some....

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webchick · 19/09/2008 14:29

DD's school has no after school activities other than gardening (just being formed)football, chess and kung fu (all for Year 3 upwards, mainly boys). Its a small school (1 class intake) and whilst very inclusive and familiar, no clubs are setup for the younger children in Reception, Years 1 and 2.

So, straw pool - what activities are run in your school for this age-group? And secondly, what things would you like to see run....

I'm thinking:

music/choir/recorder/drum workshop
drama and dance
crafts - perhaps to include sewing as well
sports - netball, rounders

Some funding will be available but most will be reliant on parent volunteers and PTA funds.

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 19/09/2008 17:59

we have nature club and gym clun
last year we also had multi-skills club and dance club.
I think there was something else mentioned in this week's newsletter, craft club, but I haven't read it yet, just something some mentioned in the park.
All are teacher run with the exception of gym (parent) and basketball (for KS2, I haven't mentioned them)

andyrobo237 · 19/09/2008 20:13

For that age group we have (copies off newsletter,,)

lunchtime clubs:
ballet - £9 for 6 lessons with teacher - YR1 & 2brought in to teach
gardening club - YR2
football (mixed boys and girls) - YR2

After School:
Good News Club (bible story, playing and colouring!) = YR 1 & 2
Science Club (£5 one off fee) - YR1 & 2
Art Club - YR1 & reception

They also have a option to do recorders within class time - cost us £12 for book and recorder. Continues into YR3

Similar but more clubs added before school (half hour) and after school when in YR3 onwards

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow · 19/09/2008 20:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fennel · 19/09/2008 20:19

The clubs which are offered to ks1 include:

Sewing (yr 2 +)
Music lessons (all ages) - recorder, fife, violin, various others.
There was a gym club/healthy living club run by students for a while.

I think that's it for KS1. My dds have tried them all.

What I'd like. I think that's enough really for this age. My dds are generalists, they like to dabble around without it being too serious. They find the football club too achievement-oriented. They love the sewing club, run by an old lady from the village. It's very relaxing.

Mine would love a craft club, they love all art and craft, but sewing club acts as a craft club for them.

lljkk · 19/09/2008 20:19

big school, 350 or so children.
The only clubs are for KS2, and are only a few in number: music and basketball are the only 2 I know of. There used to be an eco-club, too. All run by teachers.

Parents are very uninvolved in our school, as a rule.

mrspink27 · 19/09/2008 20:21

Ours is independent and offer masses...A selection....

CHess/board games
Modern Dance
Art club
Computer club
Modern Dance
Eco club

And many more...

All 30 - 45 mins

Litchick · 19/09/2008 21:31

Ours offers loads -
cross country
touch typing
school newspaper
toy making
language clubs
maths for fun(!!!!!)
book club
And choirs, orchestras, windbands, brass bands, etc

CaptainFlameSparrowWifeOfJack · 19/09/2008 21:33

Gym club (outside agency) - £21 per half term

Dance (outside agency) - About the same I think

Karate (OA)- £3(?) a session

and I think Extreme Arts is - about £4 I think - the toddler one is anyway

toadstool · 19/09/2008 23:09

Yoga for infants (outside company, about £18 a term)

Smithagain · 20/09/2008 10:15

It varies, but this term we have:

French Club (external organisation, costs extra)

Various sports clubs - currently mini tennis, basketball and football - also run by an external organisation £36 per term.

Art club and choir at lunchtimes - free, teacher-led.

fruitful · 20/09/2008 10:33

This year dd (yr2) has joing the Stacking Cups club. You know that game where you race to build a tower with upturned plastic beakers?

It's at lunchtime, free, run by a teacher, and is wildly popular.

For year 1&2 there is also football and tennis (run by outside agency) and craft and cooking (run by teachers).

Anngeree · 20/09/2008 11:23

Ds in yr1 has choice between sports club or dance class run by outside agencies once a wk for an hr after school. I pay £1.50 a wk towards this.
There are no after schools club for reception classes as they say a full day at school is enough for them without adding to it.
I had to fill a form in at the beginning of term to say what club Ds was inerested in. Been told first 8wks of sports club builds skills but unsure what happens after that.

AbbyLou · 20/09/2008 19:29

I teach in an infant school. The clubs we offer for free are recorders, gardening, French, Drama, Art and Science. We have outside agencies who provide football and dance for a fairly small fee. I'm the PE co-ordinator and organised some clubs through the Big Lottery Fund which are free for 8 weeks. Last year we had Gymnastics and multi-skills. This year we are offering cheerleading and tennis.

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