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Teacher not teaching them on Thursdays

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rachounette · 11/09/2008 20:57

My daughter who has just started Year 1 told me after school that her teacher would not teach them on Thursdays as she is looking after her new baby. Another teacher will take the class instead. I was suprised that the school had not informed the parents about it. Is that common practice ? Does the same happen in your school ? Or do you get a letter informing you about this kind of thing ?

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cornsilk · 11/09/2008 21:00

It's a job share isn't it? The reason why she's working 4 days is personal and irrelevant. School should have informed you it was a job share really though. Nothing to worry about.

Lmccrean · 11/09/2008 21:00

dd in year 2 and both this and last year the main teachers only did 4 days, with another teacher covering the other day. We werent told, but im confident that dd is in good hands.

Will it be the same teacher every thursday?

FrazzledFairyFay · 11/09/2008 21:03

A frend of mne teaches one day a week in recepton, with another teacher doing the other 4 days. She does a distinct part of the 'curriculum' on her one day so there is no confusion, lack of consistency, etc. I'm sure it will be fne.

avenanap · 11/09/2008 21:03

They do this in ds's school. He has a different teacher that teaches his class on Friday. I think it's a fab idea, she's far less stressed then the teachers at his old school. All the teachers get a day off in the week at some point so they can mark/prep etc.

cheekysealion · 11/09/2008 21:05

dd's teacher has one day off from teaching
she is still in the school but doing other jobs

nell12 · 11/09/2008 21:05

This is quite common; I did the same when I went back to work part time after having dd.

The school did not inform the parents; but if any of the parents wanted to know more, then the school was very willing to help.

mehgalegs · 11/09/2008 21:05

Our school does this. they employ floating teachers in Infants and Juniors who do a day in each classromm so that the teacher can do paperwork and planning - I think it's mad - too much paperwork!

MadBadandDangerousToKnow · 11/09/2008 21:06

We have a similar arrangement as my child's teacher is also deputy head and so gets a day and a half for planning and preparation and DH duties.

I do worry a bit about continuity but overall I think it's not a bad thing, as it's always the same teacher providing cover and both are good, experienced teachers.

ChasingSquirrels · 11/09/2008 21:11

job share.
ds1's reception calss was a job share (3.5 days and 1.5 days - though the teachers did 4 days and 2 days respectively in school).
his yr1/2 class this year is also job share 94 days / 1 day).
I am pretty sure we were told about reception, we were only told about the current class this week, although I did already know from talking to last year's parents - but other current parent's didn't.
I don't think it is ideal tbh, but it does work.

Litchick · 11/09/2008 21:16

I'm a fan of job sharing teachers - much better than one tired one who misses her baby.

Litchick · 11/09/2008 21:16

I'm a fan of job sharing teachers - much better than one tired one who misses her baby.

OrmIrian · 11/09/2008 21:19

I think it's very common.

rachounette · 11/09/2008 21:21

Thanks for all your reply. I also think it is Ok for one day, and the kids probably like the change, I was just surprised that the school had not informed the parents ... just to let them know ... some kids dont talk too much about school and some parents might never know !

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