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dd2 got left behind by her teacher - at first I laughed but I'm now wondering if I should be taking it more seriously

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Orinoco · 08/09/2008 21:44

Message withdrawn

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Doodle2U · 08/09/2008 21:48

My guess is that the school are on the case already and they are playing it down for your benefit.

A word with the head would probably result in him/her telling you that he/she was conducting a full investigation and that procedures were being put in place to make sure such a thing never happened again etc etc.

callmeovercautious · 08/09/2008 21:48

Not at all I am assuming the adult in question could open the gate without a PIN? or a key? So yes it could have been anyone but luckily it was not. I would be having words with the headteacher. Especially why they do not do a headcount before moving them out of school grounds.

Mamazon · 08/09/2008 21:50

i would be fuming!
really, i would have blown my stack.

Orinoco · 08/09/2008 21:53

Message withdrawn

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wheresthehamster · 08/09/2008 21:54

Maybe the adult was a member of staff?

You say the stranger came into the playground - was it from the school or via the gate? If it was from the school then I expect it was a member of staff, if she came in via gate then, yes, I would be concerned.

Orinoco · 08/09/2008 21:58

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
ruby1709 · 09/09/2008 01:17

I would go and speak to the Head, this should never of happened and the teachers should have realised that dd was not present before they even got out of the school gate. Also that they made light of it would concern me very much.

dilbertina · 09/09/2008 05:56

Could you write a note to head saying you're unhappy with situation and ask what steps they are taking it doesn't happen again? I guess it's possible dd's teacher hasn't told head and is hoping to brush it under the carpet. I would be very unhappy with my dd being treated so carelessly.

arfishy · 09/09/2008 06:28

I don't think I'd be happy with this at all. Surely the school must have some sort of headcount for when they leave the school grounds, ditto leaving the church?

I would be straight in to see the head. I think these are very basic expectations of the school, especially with 5 year olds.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 09/09/2008 06:42

i remember having head counts in primary school. some teachers would just count others would take the registar again if we were going out. this is very wrong.

thank goodness that lady came along before dd had gotten out of the school and thank goodness that lady had the right intentions.

i cant see the school not doing anything im sure they will playing it down so that you dont panick but id definately have a word the head and explain how upsetting it was for you and your dd and ask what is being done about it.

pudding25 · 09/09/2008 08:52

If I were that teacher, I would be beside myself that this had happened and would make sure it never happened again! Mistakes can happen, but it was a pretty bad one! Before you go to the head, I would have a chat with the teacher and tell her how concerned you are about the situation and see what she has to say.

Nemoandthefishes · 09/09/2008 09:02

blimey that is bad
I volunteered in ds nursery class last year and head counts were done at the door on the way to the hall and in the hall and that was all in the same building

I would speak to head and question what exactly happened and how they are going to stop it happening again

aintnomountainhighenough · 09/09/2008 09:14

Whilst mistakes can happen this is the type of mistake that, in this day and age, should not happen. It is a very very simple process to count and check children and you are right to be very concerned. IMO the school are very wrong to play this down, I would expect to be told immediately what was being done to ensure this didn't happen again. I would go and see the head today, see what she says, what her manner is and what is being done to investigate. If you are not happy I would log a formal complaint with the board of governors.

overtoyou · 09/09/2008 09:29

I should imagine the teacher felt sick to the stomach when she realised what she'd done. I bet it never happens in her class again, but yet a word with the head to make sure there are "procedures" would make sure and put your mind at rest.

Imnotok · 09/09/2008 09:32

I would be going crazy

Orinoco · 09/09/2008 19:10

Message withdrawn

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