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Ds and me have one of these half hour appointment thingies with his class teacher on his first day,, couple of questions....

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posieflump · 13/08/2008 13:25

The kind of asking questions about him etc.
I have 2 (probably inane) questions!

  1. It is for parents and him. So shall just me and ds go, or shall me , dh and dd go too. Dh as the day off and says he would like to go but all 4 of us? Is that a bit of overkill?!!

2. Should ds be wearing his school unifrm for this half hour thing. the apoinmtent is 9am on the Wednesday, no school Thursday (prsumably other kid's introduction appointments, and then 2 hours on Friday and for the next week. So should I treat it as school and he shoulkd be wearing his uniform?
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Mercy · 13/08/2008 13:30

I think it's fine if you all go.

No need to wear uniform.

ChasingSquirrels · 13/08/2008 13:31

agree with mercy

posieflump · 13/08/2008 13:34

thakns for replying - I was a bit worried it was so inane no one would bother!
so no uniform and whole family.

tbh I'd be happy letting dh take him except I'm not sure where the classroom is and want to know for me for the Friday.

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