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Oops! I've just been sorting out school uniform ...

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roisin · 26/07/2008 14:37

ds1 has now left primary and ds2 has only two years' left, so I'm being brutal clearing out old uniform.

We've gathered it all together and have found two sweatshirts which don't belong to us

They don't have names in (ours do), and are in good condition. I'll just have to take them back into school in September, but I feel very bad about it.

OP posts:
Freckle · 26/07/2008 14:41

I wouldn't feel bad about it. I clearly mark DS3's sweatshirts, but, if they disappear (and don't end up in lost property), they are gone forever. Oviously some parents either don't look at the labels or do look and choose to keep the sweatshirts anyway. I think that, if you fail to label stuff, you can hardly complain if it disappears.

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