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I am not allowed to be proud of my dds' year 2 report am I?

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eekamoose · 19/07/2008 21:18

I don't mean proud as in anything to do with me or DH. We have too little input, I secretly feel, so cannot claim any credit for DD's fantastic report. Its all down to her.

Who can I trumpet it to the winds to? Was thinking of photocopying report and sending it to grandparents. Will they be pleased to get this in the post, or will (even they) think I am being smug mummy? I can't tell mum-friends, I can't tell you lot, who can I shout it to the rooftops to?

Or do I just keep schtum?

OP posts:
scanner · 19/07/2008 21:20

I was thinking of copying my dc's reports and sending to gp's, why not if we can't boast to them then who can we?

peanutbear · 19/07/2008 21:21

you can tell me, Its nice to have a great report from your child's school

my children's grandparents like reading theirs and I pin it on the notice board so anyone else can have a look!!!! but only if its good

scanner · 19/07/2008 21:25

I can't pin mine onto a notice board because the school give a SAT's score (even if it's not a SAT's year) and I wouldn't want their friends to see.

peanutbear · 19/07/2008 21:26

no I meant adults I dont have any friends with children the same age as mine I can see if I did how this would be a problem

So was it really god is she doing well ???

Elk · 19/07/2008 21:26

We went to visit the grandparents today and took dd1's report (she's just finished reception) for them to see and also the cup she got on presentation day for 'Effort and Improvement throughout the year'. They were thrilled and told her so. My mum lives abroad and would like a photo of dd holding the cup!

eekamoose · 19/07/2008 21:28

Scanner - I think you are right and I am right. Our parents and PILs will surely indulge us.

No one else is actually interested are they? Even if it feels like the most fantastic thing in the world to you .

I guess I could tell my best friend (whose son goes to a different school) but yet she STILL might think I'm trying to be competitive! Which I am so not. I imagine her son got something very similar to my DD, but its a subject we don't discuss, like salaries.

(Am probably too worried about other people's opinions of me ...)

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 19/07/2008 21:29

Tell US! That's what we're here for

LittlePeanut · 19/07/2008 21:30

The grandparents would LOVE to see it! They will feel just as proud as you!

Comeon, share it with us! Give us the highlights! I want to hear about it - bless your dd! And bless you for being so proud of her! So you should be you're her mummy. If you don't blow her trumpet, then who will??

eekamoose · 19/07/2008 21:39

You are indulging me .

Her class teacher said "Thank you for having her. It is a pleasure to teach a child who is so interested in learning."

She got SATS Level 3 in all subjects and she is in Year 2.

She goes to a very large state London primary.

I think she is a star. Thank you for letting me say so!

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 19/07/2008 21:41

WOW, well done her - that is brilliant - I'd be over the moon if ds gets reports anything like that (starts school this sept)

Definately send the grandparents a copy, and leave a copy on the fridge to look at & beam about everytime you get the milk out

peanutbear · 19/07/2008 21:43

Wow thats fantastic you should be allowed to shout about that

eekamoose · 19/07/2008 21:44

I succumbed after a few minutes!!!! Am bursting with pride. It has nothing to do with comparing her with how others are doing, it is all about fantastic DD. Thank you for reading .

OP posts:
scanner · 19/07/2008 21:45

dd2 - just finished year 1, her report said she must take care not to take over in group work ie. she is very bossy .

eekamoose · 19/07/2008 21:53

Oh scanner - your dd2 has the thrill of SATS waiting for her next year.

Now I am as outraged about SATS for 7 year olds as the next person, and I have honestly never looked at these results or OFSTED reports for my dcs school or those around them (because their school is within sight of my house so thats the school I want them to go to) but yet suddenly, after dd's reports, SATS results seem to mean a lot to me! Funny, that ...

OP posts:
LittlePeanut · 19/07/2008 21:58

Wow, that really is fantastic eekamoose, no wonder you are so chuffed! Her class teacher's comment is so lovely on a personal level as well. She obviously thinks very highly of your DD.

Scanner - your DD sound like a born leader! You can dig out that old school report when she's running the country one day!

scanner · 19/07/2008 21:59

I'm completely with you, both dd's got v good scores on their unofficial SAT's dd1 got 4's (average when leaving at end of yr 6) she's just finished year 4 and to boast a bit more - is the youngest, so only 8. DD1, just finished year 1 got 2b's for everything. Like you - suddenly SAT's seem quite interesting afterall .

Apologies for boasting, but I'd never tell another Mum in rl.

seeker · 20/07/2008 07:09

My children always take their reports to show the Grandmas - it's an annual ritual much enjoyed by all. Including me - I can bask in a little reflected glory. No harm in that - that's what grandparents are for!

MingMingtheWonderPet · 20/07/2008 18:13

eekamoose - i feel the same as yoo. Very ambivalent about SATS, certainly no hothousing here! Don't think Yr 2 should take them, all round don't agree with them. BUT, when DS's report came I did feel proud of him, which was funny cos I shouldn't really have cared.
Overall though I am most happy that he is keen to go to school (most days!) and that he seems to behave well in class (again, most of the time!)

Hulababy · 20/07/2008 21:30

Be proud and tell MN if you want And tell grandparents. etc lots too.

PILs have just been marvelling at DD's school report and the cup she got for dance today, and my parents will get chance to see on Tuesday. DD is proud of her achievements - why shouldn't she be; and she will share the with the people who love her regardless of who she is and how she does. Grandparents here love to see DD's reports and stuff from school - they ask.

dylsmum1998 · 20/07/2008 21:37

scanner is that really when they are meant to get level 4.
i was proud of my ds's report before reading this thread am now super pleased
he also got level4 across the board. am very pleased i pay no attention usually to sats's scores i hate them. but this has made me proud as since dd was bon 2 yrs ago he has dealt with no longer being an only sibling to me splitting up with my partner when dd was 6 months and we have moved 3 times and so has changed schools 3 times. was worried my choices may have seriously affected him, maybe not, well at least not academically...

well done to all others dc who have done well in their end of year reports

Romy7 · 22/07/2008 21:04

oo. oo. can i boast too? dd1 just got 4s at the end end of yr 3 - she was a top3's at end of KS1 too, so your dd is obv the same eeka! her yr 2 teacher said 'every teacher wants an x in their class' awww.
Well done to your dd!! don't think mine has a clue what it means tbh, but we might go out for pizza at the weekend!

Anna8888 · 22/07/2008 21:10

Definitely show the report to grandparents . We always do this in our family and my father always gives his grandchildren £10 for their good report.

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