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Bargain Oxford Reading Tree set from Red House books

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melpomene · 18/07/2008 20:11

I thought others may want to know about these sets of Oxford Reading Tree books. It is excellent value - you get 26 books for £19.99 if you buy both the sets.

I've just bought them for my dd1 who has just finished reception, to keep her going over the summer.

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 18/07/2008 20:14

fwiw my mum got these books (1 set) for ds1 last year, they are nice books, but are 3 of each level 1-4 so they are best if the child can't read and you can move through the levels. If they can already read a bit the first levels become redundant.
For learning to read I really find the library best, as you can get as much material as you need.

melpomene · 18/07/2008 20:29

Not sure if I agree about the early ones being redundant - obviously it depends on the individual child, though. I think my dd1 will enjoy reading the level 1 & 2 books by herself (or reading them to her little sister) and if some of them seem a bit on the easy side that can only boost her confidence.

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sarararararah · 19/07/2008 07:44


gingernutlover · 19/07/2008 07:52

are they the phonics ones? if not and if they are traditional ORT books they wont support your dd's phonics skills as they rely heavily on word recognition and memory skills rather than actual reading/blending skills. Great if she has clicked with phonics and doesnt need the practice.But if they need more phonics skills practice I would recommend the ORT songbirds if you want a scheme type of book.

as chasing squirrels says, the library is a fantastic resource too and free

hope your dd enjoys them though melpomeme, I know a lot of my R's are probably going to spend the summer playing computer games

HappyMummyOfOne · 19/07/2008 14:07

Thats a good deal, I bought these last month for over the summer holidays as didnt want DS to get out of the habit of doing a reading book. Also had some ladybird books that I havent seen at the school to add a little variation.

We dont have a local library and I dont drive so sites like these are brilliant as I can get all I need at good prices. Once DS no longer needs them I can donate them to the school.

MrsWeasley · 19/07/2008 19:49

My DS has these sets and really enjoyed working through the levels even though the first levels were a bit easy for him. My DC's love ORT.

We got our from the book people My favourite shop

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