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Does your primary school child go on the bus? Would you be happy with them having their photo on it?

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PillockOfTheCommunity · 14/07/2008 10:26

Our County Council are changing the bus passes to include a photo of the child as well as their full name. When my son goes on the bus he will still be 4, there are no adults on the bus except the driver and they are not escorted off the bus at the other end (although the school tell me the older ones help the younger ones).

I'm not happy about sending him off with a small card he can easily lose that could easily identify him.

I've rung the council, got the spiel about it improving safety and cutting down on fraud. Someone more senior is going to call me back.

Am I being ridiculous? I'm usually quite relaxed in my parenting but this has thrown me.

OP posts:
PillockOfTheCommunity · 14/07/2008 10:27

photo on the bus pass obviously, not the bus

OP posts:
psmith · 14/07/2008 10:52

My bus pass when I was a child had my photo on it. What do you think is going to happen if he loses it?

branflake81 · 14/07/2008 11:47

yes - don't see the problem....

HappyMummyOfOne · 14/07/2008 12:43

The pass wouldnt bother me, i'd be far more worried about letting him go on the bus on his own.

Mutt · 14/07/2008 12:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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