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If your child was starting school in September, would you go and have a school dinner with them for the first week and a half?

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butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:07

We have the option of doing this.
DD starts on a Wednesday and from then till Friday and then the full following week we can go and have a school dinner with her and the other children.

Now while I think its a nice idea, I dont want her to get used to us being there and think its quite ok for us to just go into school and have dinner with her.
Plus for those first few days the children are finishing at 12:30 anyway so I'll still see her after lunch.

I do have two younger children too so it wouldnt be the easiest of options.

Would you do it?
I'd hate to think I was the only parent not there.

OP posts:
hertsnessex · 13/07/2008 09:08

unless she was particularly concerned about school - i wouldnt. maybe say you will go in one day at the end of the week as a speical treat?

sarah293 · 13/07/2008 09:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MummyDoIt · 13/07/2008 09:11

We were given the option of going in for lunch one day this term. We went and it was lovely. DS2 got to see how it all works so it won't be strange to him on his first day. I think it would be okay to do it once but no more than that.

butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:11

She's not all that bothered about starting tbh.
In fact she's quite excited about it all.

OP posts:
butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:14

We do have to pay a £1 for each meal

Its tempting because the menus look fab.
Beats ham sandwiches anyday.

OP posts:
MummyDoIt · 13/07/2008 09:20

I had to pay for DS2s meal but mine was free. It was lovely to have a meal cooked for me and the food was really nice. Indulge yourself!

foofi · 13/07/2008 09:21

I wouldn't do it if she's new to the school - I think they need to settle in without parents around.

Twiglett · 13/07/2008 09:22

I think it depends on whether all the other kids have their parents there tbh

it sounds extremely odd to me, nothing like this at our school .. thank

butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:24

Well thats my thought foofi.

I just have an image in my head that all the pther parents will be there and I'll be the only one not there and dd will be sat on her own

OP posts:
butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:26

Oh I know the majority of parents will be there.
I practically heard them all saying they were going at the open evening.

I might go or send dh in on his day off one day.

OP posts:
TheRealPhartiphukborlz · 13/07/2008 09:47

a week is a bit much isnt it?

popsycal · 13/07/2008 09:50

no not at all
but then i wouldnt let him have the appalling school dinners that our lea provide

butwhybutwhy · 13/07/2008 09:56

A week and 3 days!

I'm really pleased as the meals at this school are brilliant.

OP posts:
SNoraWotzThat · 13/07/2008 13:31

I would be really upset because I work and wouldn't be able to go. dds would see other parents and not their own. I'm not sure how they would cope in that situation had it arisen in our school.

christywhisty · 13/07/2008 13:58

The parents were invited for lunch on one day. I think they did about a week of half days, then on the last half day they stayed to lunch and the parents were invited. I thought it was a lovely idea at the time.

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