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What a lovely idea - I just had to share....

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SlightlyMadSweet · 04/07/2008 19:39

In DTDs book bag today was the

"Year 2 report"

It is essentially a "newspaper" their class have put together.

There are 16 pages, each talking about a different event during the year - school trips, sports days, plays, major topic areas....

On each page is a short report by 2 children, along with 2 pitures.

I just thought it was a fabulous memory of the year. Simply done. Like a little year book that can be kept.

It is something that could be done (to some depth) by any year group. FABULOUS.

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cat64 · 04/07/2008 19:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

claricebeansmum · 04/07/2008 19:57

Fab idea

SlightlyMadSweet · 04/07/2008 20:16

I don't mind in teh slightest....was not my idea.

OP posts:
imaginaryfriend · 04/07/2008 21:12

Oh, I'd love that!

SlightlyMadSweet · 04/07/2008 21:49

bump so that others can see

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HonoriaGlossop · 04/07/2008 21:53

I think that's a great idea

and I'd find out if indeed it IS the case that they do nothing at ds' school - when they DO do stuff, they stick with boring stuff apparently

His yr 1 paper would include 16 pages of "today we didn't do anything with the kids, oh except some boring stuff, y'know, literacy an' that"

HonoriaGlossop · 04/07/2008 21:59

page 2 "in May we went on a school trip to a museum which was VERY disappointing cos it had nothing to DO with Star Wars".

Poor ds. School just doesn't do it for him

SlightlyMadSweet · 04/07/2008 22:04

LO HG...

It was almost weepy inducing for me though...and I am sure there are some children in teh class who had to be dictated to..."we went to xyz and (inseted by teacher: had fun looking) looked at the old stones"

OP posts:
HonoriaGlossop · 04/07/2008 22:07

yes seriously it does sound a good idea, I can imagine it would be really touching. And lovely to have as a reminder of this stage!

SlightlyMadSweet · 04/07/2008 22:09

I am so pleased with it I am going to feed back to teh teacher.

They don't (to my knowledge) do it throughout the school but they should (maybe I shoudl feed back to head?).

the first page was a little prologue by teh teacher which was (a little cheesy but) sweet.

"they have been a wonderful class, I will miss them next year, won't recognise them next year blah, blah, blah.."

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSweet · 05/07/2008 09:18

bump for the weekenders to admire.

OP posts:
wheresthehamster · 05/07/2008 19:18

Am already adapting it slightly and realise I only have 2 weeks to get it organised...

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