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Boy:Girl ratios in classes

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NigellaTheOriginal · 03/07/2008 10:59

In DDs class next year will be 19 boys and 7 girls.
Her year is very boy-top-heavy.
I'm not sure why this bugs me. there is nothing i can do about it. it isn't even a real problem so why am i pondering it?

OP posts:
micci25 · 03/07/2008 11:05

i think my mum said there are 11 boys and 5 boys in dd1s class! i never bothered counting but did notice more boys there when we visited

Bramshott · 03/07/2008 11:05

This can be tricky, particularly in small schools. Yr 6 at DDs school is currently 9 girls and 2 boys. DD's class thankfully at the moment has 9 girls and 8 boys, but it does worry me for the future if people leave etc. As you say, not much point worrying though! Hopefully your DD will have a lot of chance to socialise with girls in other years? FWIW, the two boys in Yr 6 at DD's school are both lovely lads, and I think have benefitted from being in the minority - I'm sure it would work the other way too.

snorris · 03/07/2008 11:08

In my dt's reception class there are 19 girls and 9 boys. Oddly enough when dd1 was in the same school her class had 20 girls and 10 boys! AFAIK the boys don't seem too bothered and as the whole school go in the playground together the years mix anyway.

NigellaTheOriginal · 03/07/2008 11:09

sweeping judgement time - hard hat at the ready.

i do find that with such a concentration of boys it can be rather disruptive. this may also be because at school and particularly her year there are many children with learing/behaviour issues.

also not usually a problem as inclusion benefits all of them.

But - boys tend to be noisy/silly and god knows DD doesn't need any more distracions. (and i'm not saying girls are angels, particularly DD)

OP posts:
Spidermama · 03/07/2008 11:10

My ds is in a class with a similar ratio. I was a bit worried but he's been in the same class for three years now and it's absolutley lovely class. Best I've ever known. They get on so well and have really settled. The girls seem to get extra respect because they're a rarer breed.

NigellaTheOriginal · 03/07/2008 11:27

oh - good take on it. will tell DD - she's a bit worried

OP posts:
goblinvalley · 03/07/2008 22:30

Depends on the children and the teacher, imo. My ds's reception class is 20 boys and 9 girls, and they are a great group.

The teacher is really on the ball with the boys (lots of physical stuff).

How does your dd feel about the class mix ? Plus, as spidermama says - they have lots of choice

Charmander · 03/07/2008 22:32

I taught a class with 4 boys and 26 girls. (1 form entry school). There were only 4 boys all the way through school, although some boys left and new ones came - weird! All survived though and were happy

avenanap · 03/07/2008 22:34

ds leaves his school tomorrow to go to a better different one. Most of the girls in his class are going. There will be 21 boys and 1 girl in September.

unknownrebelbang · 03/07/2008 22:40

In DS1's year the boys outweighed the girls and when he left Yr6 there were 4 girls and I think 8 boys. Most of the lads were lovely, a couple of the girls were "proper little madams".

In DS2's class I think they're fairly evenly split (17 in the class); Lovely mix of boys and girls.

In DS3's class there are I think five boys and about 12 girls. Four of those five boys are rather strong-willed (ncluding DS3), but then a couple of the girls are too.

ChasingSquirrels · 03/07/2008 22:48

ds (reception) is in a class with 14 boys and 7 girls. yr 1 has 3 girls and 9 boys I think.
Seems fine.

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