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DS2 doesn't want me to tell his teacher this

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saltire · 24/06/2008 15:24

but part of me thinks she should know
He said that one of his class mates told him (and this may offend, so sorry) "What's one paki on the moon" DS2 said "I don't know", friend said "a slight problem" this went on for 2,3 4 etc and then friend said "what do you call all the pakis on the moon" DS2 said he didn't know, friend said "Probelm solved, they are all on the moon, not down here".
Ds2 says he doesn't want me to tell the teacher becasue she will say something to this child who will deny it. He will tell his mum, who in turn will tell her friend, and the friend , who is constantly swearing and yelling at my children, will have a go at him.
I feel for him becasue he knows his classmate was worng, and told him so, but I feel teh teacher should be aware of what's going on

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herbietea · 24/06/2008 15:29

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Message withdrawn

Twiglett · 24/06/2008 15:30


witchandchips · 24/06/2008 15:31

I would tell the teacher that you know that some of the children are telling racist jokes. She/He does not need to know which one (after all it could have been doing the rounds for a while) but she/he does need to explain to the whole class why such jokes are horrible

TheApprentice · 24/06/2008 15:37

I agree with witchandchips. As a teacher I would want to know, but it might be more appropriate if she has a serious discussion with whole class rather than singling a particular child out. After all, it sounds like many in the class may have been told this so called "joke", and they need to know how inappropriate and offensive it is.

AMumInScotland · 24/06/2008 15:39

Even if the boy is just repeating something he has heard, it's still inappropriate. What age are they? Maybe a quiet word with the teacher (could you say you overheard it if DS wants to be kept out of it?) and she could bring up the general issue in class rather than making it a specific issue with this boy?

If they're a bit older, then the teacher might need to bring it up specifically with the boy, but with young ones she could just make sure and get the message across at "circle time" or whatever.

ByTheSea · 24/06/2008 17:37

Tell. The teacher headteacher cannot be proactive about racism issues if she is not aware they exist. Explain to the teacher that your DS doesn't want it known that he was the one who told and hopefully they'll be able to address the topic in a more anonymous way.

ByTheSea · 24/06/2008 17:38

I meant teacher or headteacher

ByTheSea · 24/06/2008 17:38

I meant teacher or headteacher

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