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Teachers: what would you do?

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Mung · 17/06/2008 11:42

A bit long...sorry

Recently I wrote to all the local primary schools telling them about myself and asking if they had any need of a languages teacher to cover PPA time and meet their MFL requirement for 2010.

One school was interested and replied the following day and I haven't heard from any others a week later.

This one Head's email was really badly written with typos, no capital letters and bad punctuation. This put me off, but I called him anyway.

The conversation on the phone was interesting, as it seemed that I was interviewing him. He kept saying that he was really interested, but didn't make any moves to ask me questions at all. In the end I suggested going into school to meet him. He was keen and we arranged a time.

I arranged for a friend to look after DCs and I went there this morning, as arranged. When I arrived the receptionist had no idea I was coming and told me that the Head was off ill and had been out of school for a few days. She apologised and I left.

So, do I think myself lucky that I am now off the hook and don't need to work there for a totally wimpish, disorganised man. Or do I give him the benefit of the doubt and rearrange to meet him. Either way, what would you write in the email because at present I am too angry to find a reasonable response.

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Bridie3 · 17/06/2008 12:01

I think you would finding working at this school drove you completely mad.


Mung · 17/06/2008 13:09

I really should take it as a sign of a truly undynamic Headteacher then.

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AbbeyA · 17/06/2008 13:30

I would say that you are well out of it! I should ignore it and not take it any further.

jennifersofia · 17/06/2008 13:38

I would def. avoid. Very unprofessional behaviour.

Mung · 17/06/2008 13:53

I did say to the two people that I spoke to that I would email and rearrange, so I feel I ought to tell him something. I wish I had just said, 'Oh well, your loss' at the time and walked away.

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