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Reception - just had our first parents evening. Need some advice

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Jazzicatz · 05/06/2008 22:25

Ds goes to a great private school which we struggle to pay for but feel its been right for him. He is bright and bubbly - however the teacher said today that he suffers with a lack of confidence. This made me feel very sad for him and I don't really know how to help him gain confidence. As I say he is very bright (teachers phrase), and shows real promise.

OP posts:
lilolilmanchester · 05/06/2008 23:25

Drama/dance really helps with building confidence if that sort of thing would appeal to him. Or sport if he is a sporty type. Would focus on out of school things perhaps?

MUM23ASD · 05/06/2008 23:29

maybe arrange a playdate- ask the teacher for a good 'role model' whom he gets on well with and feels confident with

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