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Anyone know about Ginn 360 reading levels?

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annh · 22/05/2008 22:34

Ds2's school uses a mixture of what seems like every reading scheme known to mankind for their literacy scheme. DsS2, in year 2, has finished ORT to level 14, New Way and a variety of other bits n bobs, including most of Ginn. We are now on Ginn 360 Level 10 and hopefully nearing the end of the reading scheme as we are both bored with the "mandatory" books and would much rather be reading more Horrid Henry, Jake Cake, Enid Blyton etc. There's no doubt ds2 can read, he understands what he has read and he has beautiful expression but we are really struggling with these level 10 books. I think the subject matter is too advanced (not adult, but just not interesting for a barely 7-yr old) and wondered if anyone knew roughly what age this level is aimed at. I tried googling but came up with a blank?

OP posts:
blackrock · 22/05/2008 22:42

Join the local library and read the other material too. Many schools now use banded levels - which means a variety of schemes equalled out, as this prduces better, broader readers at the emd of following the reading scheme. If a child reads just one scheme, they often then cannot transfer their reading as easily. All schemes have advantages/dis, if he isn;t enjoying it ask if he can change for something different, no point forcing it if it is going to put him off.

twinsetandpearls · 22/05/2008 22:51

Dd is reading these and hates them.

annh · 22/05/2008 23:14

Blackrock, we are library members and our house is over-run with books so ds certainly reads other stuff. I guess the reading scheme just seems to be going on for ever and I thought if I could say to his teacher that this level was designed for older children I would have some leverage in asking for him not to read it now and move onto something else. I agree with having a mixture of schemes but at this stage, I can't believe there is anything we haven't read! Unfortunately, they are very fixed on chugging through absolutely every book in turn at his school - at the rate some kids are going, they'll be forwarding the books to them at secondary school!

Twinset, at least we aren't the only ones who don't enjoy them!

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 22/05/2008 23:18

This happened to DS2 as well, though I don't remember at what age exactly, but I'm sure the target age was top juniors (Y5/6).

A lot of schools do seem to feel that all KS1 children must be on some reading scheme, however inappropriate the content is to their age

DS2 was released into the wilds of free reading once he got into Y3, IIRC

Miggsie · 25/05/2008 21:41 least they are developing their critical faculties!

I did Peter and Jane followed by "Wide Range Readers" at school...does anyone else remember them?

Millarkie · 25/05/2008 22:25

Is Ginn 360 similar to Ginn Lighthouse? I have a chart of Lighthouse levels against reading age if that's any help.

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