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Right well now that SATs is out of the way another little cloud on the horizon

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OrmIrian · 16/05/2008 15:52

Picked DCs up from school. DS#1 handed me a letter telling all the parents that the school has been fielding a lot of complaints from parents about insulting messages sent via mobile and the internet (I'm assuming e-mail, MSN and text messages ?)from certain yr6 pupils about other pupils in the class and their parents. Would all parents please ensure that our children were not doing this. And we all had to sign a slip to say we'd seen the letter.

Apparently according to DS they know who is doing it. So why could they not just tackle the children responsible and not spoil the rest of the term with accusations and suspicions of the entire class. It just feels horrible Ended the letter with saying how proud they were of how hard all the children had worked in their why spoil it. Just an arse-covering exercise?

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CrackerOfNuts · 16/05/2008 15:55

We had one of those letters about 2 mths ago. We didn't have to sign to say we'd seen it though.

PuppyMonkey · 16/05/2008 15:59

Am v, proud to say dd1 who is in Year 6 has not got a mobile and won't be getting one any time soon, so I would have refused to sign a letter suggesting she might have been responsible for something she actually couldn't have done.

OrmIrian · 16/05/2008 16:02

DS#1 has a mobile (he needs it for when he's off on his bike or in the park so I can get hold of him) but no access to internet.

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jicky · 16/05/2008 17:16

But maybe they sent it to everyone so that the parents of the victims knew it was going on. Some might not have mentioned it to their parents. You don't know that the parents of the children known to be doing this haven't already been spoken to by the school.

OrmIrian · 19/05/2008 10:27

Maybe jicky. It just left a nasty taste. Apparently it wasn't even a child in Yr6 that was responsible. DS had a brush with the sort of thing as few months back so maybe I'm a bit oversensitive. DH thinks I am.

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