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Same story....different year

3 replies

janinlondon · 16/05/2008 13:04

Will it ever change? here we go again....

OP posts:
Marina · 16/05/2008 13:07

They all need to move to our borough, Jan. No problem there! Oh, I forgot, we're bottom of the league tables again
I had no idea the problem was quite so bad in some parts of London

janinlondon · 16/05/2008 13:16

Ah, Marina, the joys of living south of the river. Kingston needs a pretty swift kick, doesn't it???

OP posts:
BlueDragonfly · 16/05/2008 13:20

when they build all these flats and apartments in areas like London and Salford do they not think that people with children will move in and need a school place??!!

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