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Girls fighting in Y3

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hellish · 07/05/2008 13:52

I am shocked, was just dropping off dd(8) at school when I saw 2 girls in her class. having a fight whist waiting unsupervised outside her classroom (she's in a mobile in the playground).

I went to pretty rough school myself so am not easily shocked by these things but at 8!!

Does this happen at your DCs schools?

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bigTillyMint · 07/05/2008 19:33


Am interested to know, did you do anything?
What did your DD say? She must know if it's a normal occurrence for those girls?

RosaLuxembourg · 07/05/2008 19:40

Have never seen it at our school - girls OR boys.

wheresthehamster · 07/05/2008 19:44

I would have waded in and broken it up then hauled them off to the Head. (Provided I was bigger than them of course!)

Sounds awful. We don't even get boys fighting in our school. I'd be quite scared if we did

hellish · 07/05/2008 20:30

Yes, unfortunately it is frequent behaviour for one of the girls in particular. I was walking away when I saw them fighting, and went back immediately as I thought someone would be hurt (it was proper fighting).

They stopped as soon as they saw me standing there and I gave them a stern look and asked if everything was okay. I then informed a nearby teacher (who hadn't noticed).

To be honest I didn't want dd to face any repercussions of me getting involved so I popped back into school later and had a talk with the deputy head. She knew who it was without saying and said that this girl is 'getting help'for her problems.


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