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Competitive Grading for 8/9 year olds. Weird or okay?

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hellish · 28/04/2008 14:47

Firstly should say that I am in Canada so the system is a little different, but would appreciate opinions/ advice.

My dd1 is in Yr3. Almost every piece of work she does is graded A+ to F. At least once a week she has a test, project or piece of work that comes home with a grade. The teacher often announces the grades in front of the whole class. My dd does very well, usually As / Bs and she loves getting a good mark (and is motivated by that).

The problem is that one girl is obviously G&T and gets A+ for everything, DD constantly compares herself and comes off worse. This girl was recently bullied about being a teachers pet. (not surprising)

I do like the teacher and my dd is generally very happy, would it be out of order to speak to the head/ the teacher, suggesting that so much (and such public) grading may be causing the problem?? WWYD?

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