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Help - where can I find longer length grey school shorts

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sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 11:14

Ds (reception class) has very very very pale skin and needs protection from the sun so I'm determined that he should wear longer length shorts if he wears them at all but all I'm seeing are shorts ending mid thigh rather than knee length ones.

I'd prefer them not to be cargo style (i.e. with pockets on) if possible but if that's all there is out there then I'll have to compromise.

Can anyone help my search ?

OP posts:
perpetualworrier · 28/04/2008 11:22

Get the ones with adjustable waist then you can buy him age 6/7. Added benefit that as he gets older, spends less of the school day outside and you get less anxious about the sun (or was that just me) you won't need to buy new ones!

perpetualworrier · 28/04/2008 11:25

PS I have 2 red heads and I honestly don't think their legs are their most vulnerable part. None of the pre-schools etc mine went to would apply sunscreen, but if you put a high factor on before he goes to school, it will still give him some protection at lunchtime.

Hats, now that's another issue. Now DS1 is 7, the school don't even remind him to put it on, let alone insist You can see the freckles appearing!

sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 11:29

Oh yes, natures calculator of exposure time, freckles, loevly though they look, they do send a bit of a message about sun damage don't they

OP posts:
sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 11:31

Any pointers to source of adjustable waist shorts ?

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 28/04/2008 11:32

John Lewis sell longer length ones I think.

perpetualworrier · 28/04/2008 11:33

My Ds's were from Next last summer.

PrincessConsualaBananaHammock · 28/04/2008 11:38

Next and Asda have a good range.

marina · 28/04/2008 11:40

We buy these
They are lined for all year round wear and on ds, who is small but long-legged they fall just below his knees

OK they are not £4.99, but they last FOREVER

sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 11:44

Thanks everyone

Will hopefully shop on-line later and make use of the 6-7 with waist adjuster tip.

OP posts:
sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 11:47

Oooh marina, I'm liking the idea of school uniform bermuda length shorts. How trendy can you get!

OP posts:
PrincessConsualaBananaHammock · 28/04/2008 12:16

I have just created a short cut of this website I like the idea of the longer shorts.

My son has got grey next ones with the pockets on the side.

FluffyMummy123 · 28/04/2008 12:18

Message withdrawn

sitdownpleasegeorge · 28/04/2008 12:23

Time for Marina to approach David Luke for a bit of commission I think.

I've contacted them with my postcode details to see if they have a local stockist but as I'm out in the sticks I'm a bit doubtful.

OP posts:
PrincessConsualaBananaHammock · 28/04/2008 12:55

hope they have one near Leics.

amicissima · 28/04/2008 18:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWeasley · 28/04/2008 18:22

We got long ones from Asda last year but they had pockets on the side. I would be tempted to buy trousers and cut them down.

fruittea · 28/04/2008 18:24

I cut DS's half-mast trousers to make long shorts.

marmadukescarlet · 28/04/2008 18:26

David Luke supply uniform for many private schools, so if any of you have a 'posh' uniform shop near you ...

They are usually disguised as dusty men's outfitters, blazers and old club tie type.

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