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Waiting lists - How do they work

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 27/04/2008 19:29

dd is 2nd on the reception waiting list for our chosen RC school and sadly we are going to have to try and get her a place in a non faith school this week as all the local RC ones are full.

I just wondered a couple of things

If someone nearer to school or highr up the admission policy list,applies for place does that push dd down from 2nd place?

If she starts at other school and a place becomes full later on can she transfer? How long does list last?

Sorry but I am worried to death about this.
Thanks for any responses

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poppypoppet123 · 27/04/2008 19:52

I have had problems with this also ds was on a waiting list and i was told he would only go down the list if somenoe came on with higher priorities(sp)

I put his name down for a different school and was told that if something came available after september he could transfer.

laurz75 · 27/04/2008 19:58

She will move down acc. to other applications that are higher priority (siblings & special needs usually). The list continues indefinitely in my area (Hampshire) and you can find out where you are by ringing the school directly.You def can start her at one school and 'wait' for a place at your chosen school. However you may find she settles at 2nd choice and then you have a dilemma! Did you appeal?

AMumInScotland · 27/04/2008 20:07

I think it is possible for people to move onto the waiting list ahead of you, but you'd have to check with the school or LA what criteria they would use - eg if someone moved into the area they might get ahead of you, but perhaps not if they were there all along and only just applied IYSWIM?

If you want to stay on the waiting list after the start of term, you should make sure they know that - some parents would not be interested once they had started in another school. I don't know if they keep the same list at that stage, or start a new one. But you can certainly always apply for a place at that school even though she's started at another - but I have a feeling that may make you a lower priority than someone who doesn't have a school place at all.

By the way, I don't know if it is at all useful to your situation, but you should also remember that you do have the legal option of home educating until you get a place at a school you are happy with (depending on the practicalities of course!). The school might be able to tell you how likely it is for placs to become available during the year.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 27/04/2008 20:31

I did appeal but it was rejected by the chair of the governers (our priest) as we could only appeal if the admission policy had not been adhered to and I suspected it had not.He assures me it has.

So v angry.We are practising Catholics and we cant get her into a Ctaholic school.

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amicissima · 28/04/2008 18:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT · 28/04/2008 20:36


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