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i am really getting very concerned about dd1

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misdee · 27/04/2008 15:13

trying to help her with her maths homework. she really isnt getting it. she cant add in halves. she cant read properly and just seems so behaind in what she should be at.

i'm going to have to organise meeting at school arent i. i dont want to be a pushy mum, but she needs to be able to read and do this stuff otherwise she wont cope will she?

she cant even do her 2 x table.

OP posts:
moondog · 27/04/2008 15:14

Look at my message in both SN and SEN.
She needs Headsprout and Numicon.

popsycal · 27/04/2008 15:14

Misdee - talk to school. Write down the specific things that she can't do.

misdee · 27/04/2008 15:16

i know popsycal.

just feel so wretched.

two dd's on different ends of the scale.

OP posts:
misdee · 27/04/2008 15:17

mind you, she just made me laugh as we were looking at her english homework and i laughed as she has to describe what slaughtering means this week. she made a killing sound and played dead. monkey!

OP posts:
LIZS · 27/04/2008 15:18

how old is she ? ds is shaky on fractions and x tables and he's 10 !

frumpygrumpyhasnofaceon · 27/04/2008 15:18

It might just come all at once and click.

misdee · 27/04/2008 15:23


cannot decode words like dd2 can. cannot get simple maths problems. (trying to get her to add one and half to one and half took ages), does not transfer her learnth spellings to her written work.

can read a word on one page and forgot it by the next page.

OP posts:
popsycal · 27/04/2008 15:29

I wouldnt worry about the fractions thing but I do think you need to talk about your concerns.

misdee · 27/04/2008 15:33

the thing is pops, they are covering fractions in class and setting it as homework. she is just finding it so hard.

i'm finding it hard as i know i knew this stuff at 6/7 as i remember shocking the teacher as she didnt think i would know it. i was actually placed on a lower table, walked past and answered the questions she was asking the higher group on it. i was too quiet to be noticed at school.

OP posts:
MrsWeasley · 27/04/2008 15:35

misdee my DD is just 9 (in yr 4) and I could have written your first post.

She says her spellings are too easy and so they are boring but when writting them in a piece of work she cant spell them. She too cant de-code words when reading.
I often wondering if it is "just her way" or did they start changing the way they did things at school?

misdee · 27/04/2008 15:37

she still spells phonictically for her written work. but gets 8/9/10 out of 10 each week on her spelling tests.

OP posts:
angelstar · 28/04/2008 12:36

Misdee, your dd sounds just like my ds. He is very literal and very phonetic. School are working hard with him though and he has extra help with his literacy and numeracy. Does she get any help at school? Does she have an IEP?

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