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Small sized school trousers - any ideas where to buy?

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swedishmum · 24/04/2008 10:55

Does anyone know where you can buy school trousers for boys (grey/dark grey) - probably age 2? A friend is looking for some for September.
Many thanks.

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FluffyMummy123 · 24/04/2008 10:55

Message withdrawn

mistlethrush · 24/04/2008 10:57

Sainsburys had them from 3 the other day...

DrNortherner · 24/04/2008 10:57

BHS in teh wedding section.

themildmanneredjanitor · 24/04/2008 10:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerlinsBeard · 24/04/2008 10:59

sainsbury has them for age 3 with adjustable waist so they can be pulled in.

Agree with TMMJ though, why does a 2 YO need school trousers? If they are going to school at that age the school will be able to advise but its very

swedishmum · 24/04/2008 11:00

He's not 2, just v short so will need little trousers. Will be just 4 when he stats school. Obv better if he has some that look like everyone else's!

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 24/04/2008 11:01

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard · 24/04/2008 11:02

ah i see. In that case age 2 may not be any good unless his waist is also that of a 2 year old.

you can always turn them up?

themildmanneredjanitor · 24/04/2008 11:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

islandofsodor · 24/04/2008 12:32

Ds also starts reception in September, and is in 18-24 month clothes.

My local market stall does 18" trousers that fit perfectly. £2.50 per pair. John Lewis do the same size but they need turning up.

Failing that Adams age 3 with the adjustable waist pulled right in.

Mothercare are way too big.

swedishmum · 24/04/2008 18:59

Lovely - thanks for all the ideas everyone. They sound about the same size islandofsodor. I'll pass this on to my friend.
TMMJ I feel the same about my dd who'll be starting reception in Sept. She's at pre-school 3 days a week and I'm really tempted to take her out just so I can play with her! She's my 4th but somehow it seems harder. Can't imagine her in uniform!

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