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School Uniform

24 replies

muggglewump · 23/04/2008 22:44

My DD is in P2, going into P3 in August.
We've always been allowed to just buy the correct colours but the new head (who is great) has decided the kids should have the official, printed uniform from next year.
I'm not happy about it, I have made it known but he's sticking by his decision.
I'm a single Mum, on benefits and as much as I do get £50 to kit her out, the official polo shirts are £7 each, the jumpers are £14. Asda do polos for £2.50 for a pack of two and a jumper for £4.
So, is it awful to buy one official jumper and the rest from Asda?
I like DD to be neat and tidy and have plenty of changes as she's 6, she gets food on her! I can't afford to do that with the school branded stuff but I don't want her to be left out.
Am I worrying too much?

OP posts:
avenanap · 23/04/2008 22:46

If it's a state school then I don't think that they can do this. They are not allowed to order you to purchase uniform from one supplier. My ds is at a private school if it makes you feel any better, a blazer's £45, jumpers are £12 each.....

emkana · 23/04/2008 22:47

Has it actually been announced what the Uniform will entail?

At my dd's school they wear a cardigan or jumper with the logo on, you're free to get everything else from where you want, as you long as it's the right colours.

LaComtesse · 23/04/2008 22:47

Is it possible to rinse the jumper out each night and let it dry? Then she'd have a clean uniform each day .

My dd has one official school jumper and one cardigan plus now a crappy pe shirt, her pinafore, trousers, polo shirt etc come from wherever I spot it cheaply. I did get caught last year though when the bloody lovely headteacher insisted the dress code stated grey trousers, not black, after I'd bought them .

RosaLuxembourg · 23/04/2008 22:52

Can you just buy the official jumpers and Asda polos? I do this with mine, because not only are the official polos expensive, they are absolutely terrible quality and end up as wide as they are long after a couple of washes. The outermost garment is most important in my experience anyway.

chopchopbusybusy · 23/04/2008 22:55

Avenanap, of course state schools are allowed to do it. Most of them have sweatshirts/jumpers/polo shirts with logos or blazers and ties which are sold either at school or through a particular retailer.

avenanap · 23/04/2008 22:56

But you can get the shirts, trousers, shoes etc from tesco?

SlartyBartFast · 23/04/2008 22:56

is there a label shop near you? that can provide with you school's logo on your asda clothes.

hana · 23/04/2008 22:58

well I think it's ridiculous that a school can dictate right down to a polo shirt. I'd buy a couple of cardigans and get the polo tops from asda/tesco etc etc. highly unlikely that anything would be said

chopchopbusybusy · 23/04/2008 22:59

Yes, presumably. Does your DS have to be kitted out in regulation shoes?

hippipotami · 23/04/2008 23:00

I think what avenanap was saying was that state schools are not allowed to insist that the child wears only the logo'd up items.
Which is afaik true.

So I would buy one school jumper and rinse it out each night.
That way on a budget, your dd gets a clean uniform every day but you don't spend a fortune.

At my dc's school the only logo'd items are bookbags, pe bags, jumpers/cardi's, jackets and baseball caps.
But none of these are compulsory.
All they ask is that the child wears grey bottoms, red polo shirt and green jumper/cardi.

snice · 23/04/2008 23:00

But surely state schools can't enforce uniform rules?

Blu · 23/04/2008 23:03

chopchop - I may be wrong, but I have seen it quoted many a time on uniform threads that community state primary schools cannot actually insist on uniform.

muggle - is yours a community school, or is it voluntary-aided / foundation?

LaComtesse · 23/04/2008 23:05

They can't but they word things in such a way as to make parents comply with the uniform code the school has decided on. Look in any high st shop now and you'll see identical gingham dresses in red, blue, green or purple for little girls to wear in the summer term, regardless what school they go to. They're not in the uniform code either but parents buy them as they're easier!

chopchopbusybusy · 23/04/2008 23:06

My DDs have attended three state schools and uniform complete with logo or standard blazer purchased from school have been compulsory. At DDs current school, much was made about the requirement to be kitted out correctly at the open evening and the message was very strong - if you choose this school then you have to wear the full correct uniform.

muggglewump · 23/04/2008 23:13

Thanks for the replys.
No, they can't demand but I don't want DD to be different. Parents evening is coming up and I'm thinking about speaking to the head.
It makes it worse that the one shop that sells it is 15 minutes away........if you have a car, if you don't it's easily an hour or so, it's a nightmare and all it really is, is plain clothes with a logo!
I just want to be able to kit DD out and have enough uniform to not spend a fortune to make sure she has clean clothes each day.

OP posts:
snice · 23/04/2008 23:15

I was wrong to say they can't insist on uniform -but according to DofE the head should have had a proper consultation before changing the rules:

"What should a school do?
4. A school should ensure that its school uniform policy is fair and reasonable. It should ensure that the uniform chosen is affordable and does not act as a barrier to parents when choosing a school. A school must have regard to its obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998 and anti-discrimination legislation. We strongly recommend that in setting its uniform/appearance policy the governing body:

consults widely on its proposed school uniform policy and changes to an established policy. As well as current pupils and parents/carers, prospective pupils and parents/carers should be included in any consultation. Consultations should also include representatives of different groups in the wider community, such as community leaders representing minority ethnic and religious groups, and groups representing pupils with special educational needs or disabilities. Local authorities may have already prepared information and guidance for schools or may be able to conduct consultations on some issues on

LaComtesse · 23/04/2008 23:17

Interesting.... so my dd's headteacher changing the PE shirt (or rather, introducing one whereas before there was none) should have been done under consultation??

Blu · 23/04/2008 23:23

see refernce here to it being, in theory, voluntary

Though I sympathise with your wish to not have your child stand out.

muggglewump · 23/04/2008 23:27

I'm assuming they did Snice.
Out of the whole school we were told that only 20 parents objected to the new uniform policy so parents did get a say.
Perhaps I should just suck it up and that's what it costs and there it is.

I can't help but compare though

OP posts:
chopchopbusybusy · 23/04/2008 23:34

Sorry Blu, that letter doesn't really convince me that it is voluntary. Couldn't see the date on it either.

Apologies mugglewump, feel I've sidetracked the issue on your thread. FWIW I think you should make your feelings known to the head teacher and point out that the change is too quick and can the new uniform be introduced gradually. DDs school will be introducing a new uniform soon and the head teacher has already confirmed that both the old and new uniforms can be worn for a period of at least one school year.

Cosette · 23/04/2008 23:42

Does the school not do secondhand uniform sales at all? As part of the fundraising at our state primary, we encourage parents to donate outgrown school uniform which can then be bought by other parents. The money goes to the school to buy extra stuff, and parents get to buy cheap uniform.

MrsWeasley · 23/04/2008 23:54

Our school has official jumpers and polo shirts but they dont mind the children wearing asda( or any other ones).

The suppliers have recently changed ours and on the polo shirt our logo is embroidered instead of printed and it rubbed my DC's nipples red raw so I wont be buying the official ones at all.

pedilia · 23/04/2008 23:58

DS's school has an official jumper and polo but i have never bought one, I have bought in John Lewis, Tesco and Asda. DS always looks very smart for school but I am shocked at the way some kids turn up, many are in nothing like the uniform just normal clothes,trainers etc.

muggglewump · 24/04/2008 00:05

DD looks smart!
Her clothes come from a supermarket rather than the overpriced official shop though

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