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DS has lost his homework

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Seasider · 20/04/2008 09:53

What would you do? He is in a Y3/4 class as a Y3 so has to be responsible to a certain extent for his homework. He has lost a homework sheet and it's not the first time. I am really cross with him. And I'm trying to work myself to catch up with what I couldn't get done on Friday.
Shall I get him to write and explain to his teacher?
He didn't want to do this h/w anyway...

OP posts:
Whizzz · 20/04/2008 09:55

I would give him a box or a tray (like those in/out trays in offices), when he comes home from school, any homework goes straight into the tray until he does it. Once done it goes straight back in his bag to take back to school.
This time I would ask the teacher for another sheet (or he can ask) so he can do it on Monday night & take it in on Tues

Seasider · 20/04/2008 10:10

Thanks Whizzz! In fact, I had just discussed this with him and we will set up a tray system.
He is going to a mate's house today and has rung and asked him to take a copy of the sheet as luckily there's a photocopier there.

OP posts:
kid · 20/04/2008 12:55

I would also suggest asking for another copy of the homework, that way the teacher will still get the homework.
My DS always loses his homework, but he only in Year 1. He manages to lose it before leaving the classroom so I don't even get to see it! But, he is learning that even by 'losing' the homework, he still has to do it in less time so he might as well look after it when he is given it!

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