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DS1 is having an operation next month, the day after we get back from our holiday, in total he will be off school for 5 weeks, how can we help him?

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SparklyGothKat · 18/04/2008 00:28

We are going away from the 5-19th may and then he is having his operation on the 20th, he will be in hospital for 4-5 days and then its halfterm. He will be in long leg plaster from hip to toe for 2 weeks after the op. and the school have said to keep him at home for the first day back after HT.
He will then be readmitted to hospital for 3 days to have the cast cut down to below the knee and to have some intense physio. The below the knee plaster will remain on for 2 more weeks. His classroom is on the 2nd floor and I have been into the school today to discuss how they will handle this.
But I am concerned about the length of time he will be off school and about school work.

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anorak · 18/04/2008 00:35

How old is he?

SparklyGothKat · 18/04/2008 00:36

he is 10. The hospital have a school but they only normally use that for children that are staying in for longer a week.

OP posts:
Califrau · 18/04/2008 00:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SparklyGothKat · 18/04/2008 00:49

The school are going to getting me some worksheets for him, but he is so bright I am worried about me teaching him IYKWIM. I think he will have to do some of it on holiday and while in hospital the second time, as I can't see him being up to school work after the operation

OP posts:
BlinkingNoraWotzThat · 18/04/2008 00:52

Ask the school for some websites that he can use at home to tally in with his school work?
Hope he gets a good recovery.

SparklyGothKat · 18/04/2008 00:57

techically the school could say they can't have him in while he is in plaster (long or below the knee) because of H&S, and being on the second floor means there is a risk if there was a fire (can't use the lifts) the school do have a plan in place atm in case there is a fire to make sure that Ds1 gets out (he has cerebral palsy) but they have to review it in light of the op.

OP posts:
S1ur · 18/04/2008 01:00

Tbh with a bit of research you might be able to teach the stuff his classmates are covering in school okay, short-term, if your worried. 5 weeks isn't that long really, unlikely to be anything he can't pick up later. SO you could ask for medium term objectives they will be covering and then just have a go, or post on mn how to tackle issues Its a bit of a challenge but with a bit of prep and a relaxed approach it'd be fine. One-to-one with your own child that you know well is very different to meeting the needs of 30 children you've just met.


You could have a go at a bit of home edding, use the opportunity to try outside the curriculum and follow his lead and interests and in five weeks you could d a couple of really good projects covering a bit of maths/english/art whatever as part of that. Could be fun.

Califrau · 18/04/2008 01:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SparklyGothKat · 18/04/2008 01:04

lol!! get off MN!!?? The shock will kill me

I will go and speak to the school again next week and see whats been decided. I need to know what they are covering atm anyway.

OP posts:
anorak · 18/04/2008 01:09

Just off the top of my head -

Board games or word games that will help with his homework or just for fun.

Novels of his favourites from the library.

Puzzle books.

Some sort of hobby he can do from sitting position - when I had a broken leg I took up cross-stitch - I know not many boys of 10 would enjoy that but there must be something - why not take him to Hobbycraft before the op and see if anything catches his eye?

Get his friends round sometimes for a visit.

Take him out to places where he can put his leg up and enjoy something - a change of scene is important.

DVDs/favourite TV shows. Build a daily routine where he can lose an hour in a favourite TV show and do his exercises at the same time. It will become a habit and won't be such a bore then.

Califrau · 18/04/2008 01:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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