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Year 2 SATs starting now - surely too early?

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Dandi · 09/04/2008 20:37

DS (Yr2) came home today and announced that they are doing their SATs next week and they have been doing practice worksheets today and yesterday. Next week it's apparantly the real thing and all the things that could help them in the classromm are covered up

Trying to be interested, but not too interested; asking questions, but not freaking the poor lamb out etc...

But why so early? Surely they not supposed to do this till late in May - aren't they missing an opportunity to do a bit more teaching?

Anyone else's dcs starting now??

OP posts:
CaptainUnderpants · 09/04/2008 23:09

My Ds is Yr2 . We had a SATS parents evening a couple of weeks back and were told that YR2 SATS is now basiaclly there to confirm teachers judgements and formative ( ongoing ) assessments of the child.

There are on going assessemnets throughout the term in all subjects , the teacher will have a file of evidence and the SATS just confirms their findings about the child.

I dont tgink there is any set date for themn to be done in YR2 unlike Yr6 when it is a week in May.

they may just be preparing the children for the SATS , as I said YR2 SATS is a continual assessment throughout the term.

If the child performs 'out of character ' really well or badly on the day the the teachers can mark up or down accordingly aslong as they have the evidnce to back that up .

CaptainUnderpants · 09/04/2008 23:16

The school can choose any time during the summer term to do the SATS as bascially the children should have been taught already what they need to acheive in the SATS as it is basiaclly English & Maths .

Dandi · 10/04/2008 11:17

thanks, Captain, that's all useful to know. Our school's sometimes not great at communicating, so we've not been told much, just a bit of a vague letter that came home yesterday. DS seems pretty OK with it all - I think he thought it was all quite interesting and wanted me to do him some practice worksheets. School do seem to be putting a bit more emphasis on it than I'd like, but as I said, DS seems fairly cool so far.

Hope it all goes OK for your DS

OP posts:
Solitaire · 10/04/2008 11:19

When DSs did their Yr 2 sats to be honest the school didn't make a big deal of it and the kids really didn't realise they'd been tested. Hopefully that will be your experience

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