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If your dc didn't get into your choices, would you go private or make do?

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Feelingbetterslowly · 02/04/2008 12:03

If dd doesn't get into ours (one is catchment but only accepts 9 pupils a year, other not catchment but we can get to it-we have no car) then she is expected by the LEA, at 4 years old, to get an LEA bus to school, by herself, which is 3/4 hour each way according to their pamphlet thing-it may not be this bad, this is just what their literature says. I have the choice of:

a) Letting her do that, or
b) Selling the house and putting her in the private school that she can walk to.

I have to be in work at 9am, and so will be v if we have to get a bus for 3/4 hour in the morning, find a childminder near the school, drop her off their so she can be dropped off in time and then get a 3/4 hour bus to work again (my work is round the corner from our house, catchment school and private school), but on the other hand I do not want to sell the house unless it is desperate.

What would you do?

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Clary · 06/04/2008 23:00

fbs have you heard yet? I ask because we got a letter yesterday about DD's place (at junior school).

Really don't understand the catchment arrangements of yr nearby school.

I'd be surprised if children out of catchment were favoured ove rcatchment area children (unless siblings - but often not even then).

Hope you have better news as agree with others the bus seems like a bit of a mare.

Feelingbetterslowly · 06/04/2008 23:19

Don't hear until the 23rd April-23rd!! This is the longest wait in history!! I shouldn't be that bothered, I really shouldn't, but when you put 4 years into giving your dc the best start you can you don't want it all messed up by some stupid state criteria!

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Clary · 06/04/2008 23:26

oh my goodness. that is a long wait.

It's a very poor do if you are not able to get a place at yr catchment primary tbh. This certainly doesn't happen in this city, nor at secondary level this year actually.

Where are you?

Feelingbetterslowly · 06/04/2008 23:32

Cambridge, which is GREAT if you live to the east of Jesus Green or to the North of the colleges as schools are in abundance, but we're slap bang in the centre, so they are all private where we are, or RC so we don't qualify anyway! P.S. if anyone on here lives in Cambridge and knows any schools for the centre or knows the appeals process LET ME KNOW, please!!

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Clary · 06/04/2008 23:40

sorry no Cambridge gen but I reiterate that that situation is bobbins.

Feelingbetterslowly · 06/04/2008 23:43

Oooooh bobbins, I like that word! He he!

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