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So, what happens with schooling when you move areas please?

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Twirl · 02/04/2008 02:57

I am currently abroad and will move back when my dd will enter year 1. Do I find a school first and then find a house or vice versa. Do I deal with individual schools or council? How far in advance can you secure a school place? Help please?

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ScienceTeacher · 02/04/2008 05:50

I'm assuming you are going for a state primary?

You need to have a rough idea of where you would like to live, and then phone the schools in that area to find out if they have a space for you.

They cannot give you a firm offer until you have a local address, but should be able to tell you how many spaces they have.

McDreamy · 02/04/2008 06:23

Hi Twirl I am in exactly the same situation. We are returning to the UK in the summer and DD is due to start Y1 in September. We are trying to buy a house at the moment and I am emailing the local schools to see who has spaces and then to organise a visit. So far I have had a very positive response.

Twirl · 02/04/2008 14:42

Thanks, yes I am going for a state primary. Once a school has offered you a place how long will they keep it open for? I'm trying to decide how far in advance I should be trying to organise this.

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ScienceTeacher · 02/04/2008 19:24

I think it's up to the school.

When we moved, we set us primary school places in April for the September and that was fine.

However, I also know of a family moving out of prep school into comp, and they were given two weeks to take up their place. I know of another family for the same school, who had a moving date, but had to take up their school place before this - again, I think they had just two weeks.

LIZS · 02/04/2008 19:28

I think the longest you would get would be to take it up that academic year unless it was dependent on someone's leaving date coinciding, or others were waiting who codul take it up sooner . However they won't formally offer it until you are in situ or have exchanged/signed a lease.

Twirl · 03/04/2008 15:50

Thanks everyone!

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