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P3 Maths/Number time - calling escpecially Gomez and Aimsmum (but other contributors welcome!)

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prettybird · 31/03/2008 17:51

In November I was worried about the fact that ds wasn't being stretched about his maths and Gomez and Aimsmum gave an indication of what their dds - who are also in P3 - were doing, which seemed to be much more.

We've tried to reolve it with the school a couple of times - I've been in to see the teacher, dh has raised it with the head (who he sees frequnetly as chiar of the parent council) and today dh met with the head tahcer together with the teacher.

We are concerned that they seem to be "teaching to the curriculum" rather than the children's ability (we know ds isn't the only one being bored. ie what they should be doing rather than wgat they could be doing. And it is boring ds.

The meeting wasn't very satisfactory, so dh has aksed me to ask you lot what material your dds are currently using for their numbers/maths and he will go into town on Thursday and get our own copies of it.

Ds seems to be using Heinemann workbooks - in P2 he was doing level 2 and 3 but I'm not sure waht he is doing this year as we don't get to see the workbooks until parents nights/the end of the year (when we get given all the rubbish workbooks home)

I am off to Iceland tomorrow, getting back on Thursday (just what I needed before going off on holiday on Friday! , so I may not be able to see the responses, but the hotel may have inernet access and as long as it doesn't cost me extra (since I will be on company time ) I can have a wee sneak peak.

It's the first time we have fallen out with the school - and it may jsut be a case of tholing this teacher for another term - as we are normally very conscious of trying hard not to be hot-housing type parents and to leave him to learn in his time under the guidance of the school.

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prettybird · 31/03/2008 22:10

Bump, just in case any Scottish mums are around.

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MrsMuddle · 31/03/2008 22:52

Gosh, I can't remember what they did in P3, but Heinemann rings a bell. If I remember correctly, there are Heinemann extension workbooks - basically, harder questions for kids that finish the class work. They are, I think, designed to more fun - almost as a reward for finishing maths. Although DS quickly cottoned on to the fact that more maths was a pretty crap reward for finishing his maths, so he started to work slower.

Have a look at the Learning Teaching Scotland website ( maybe) and you'll see what different ages and stages are doing.

Enjoy Iceland - I presume it's the country and not the shop.

prettybird · 31/03/2008 23:45

Thanks MrsMuddle - and yes, it is the country, not the shop! One day I'll get there "on pleasure" as opposed to "on business" - although at least this time we should get a bit of free time to do a wee bit of sight seeing.

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prettybird · 01/04/2008 19:03

Bumping from Iceland

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prettybird · 02/04/2008 14:26

Any Scots around to see this? (another bump while I'm still in Iceland )

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