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Scholarest - school meals anyone?

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katepol · 26/03/2008 19:24

My children's school meals are provided by Scholarest, and annoyingly we have to pay per day (£1.75 per day per child). Does anyone else deal with them and have a different method of payment?
Thanks in advance

OP posts:
mrz · 26/03/2008 19:31

My school only accepts weekly payments to Scholarest.£8.00

MehgaLegs · 26/03/2008 19:36

I do the Scholarest packed lunch service and pay for a term at a time, ordering online. Don't know if same for hot meals.

katepol · 26/03/2008 19:48

Thank you ladies - helpful to know that Scholarest CAN handle other payment methods...

Anyone else?

OP posts:
iheartdusty · 26/03/2008 20:02

we have Scholarest cooked meals and do the pay by the day system, £1.75.

I asked about paying for longer periods and it seems to be down to the woman who actually does it, she comes into the school and runs it all and the school have nothing to do with it. Her system seemed to be unable to cope with holding any money over for another day. She just runs it as a 'canteen' so you can opt in or out on a daily basis. I spoke to her and she is more of a cook than a business woman, IYSWIM.

It drives me mad, I am so bad at remembering to do this on a daily basis.

at least I managed to get the bank to give me enough coins to last until the end of summer term.

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