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black trousers/shorts - where can I find?

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mimsum · 05/03/2008 18:25

Dd's decided she will not wear tights (she has a thing about the seams) so is now in trousers until it's warm enough to wear dresses and socks

She will also not wear those horrible uniform teflon type trousers (personally can't blame her) as she is very sensitive about textures

so she needs some snugly (her word) black trousers - what she means by that is cotton jersey but not tracksuit bottoms or tight leggings - flared, bootcutty sort of leggings would be fine

has anyone seen anything that might fit the bill?

also while I'm on the subject, ds (8) needs some shorts for summer - he's very tall with gangly, skinny legs so looks ridiculous in the uniform shorts from places like M&S - I've been looking for black/dark grey cargo/bermuda type short things but no success so far - is it too early or has anyone seen the type of thing I mean?


OP posts:
MrsBadger · 05/03/2008 18:29

not jersey but all cotton

jersey but not cotton

working on it...

mimsum · 05/03/2008 21:22

thank you MrsB - any more .. please?

OP posts:
islandofsodor · 06/03/2008 23:49

What you are describing sounds like the jazz pants I sell so try a dance shop or

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