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Can anyone search the DFES site for me and find the year 5 objectives for spelling etc?

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charliecat · 04/03/2008 12:53 3+objectives
The first document here on this list is Fab, for year 3.
I need year 5 too. I CANNOT work my way about the site.
Can anyone please?

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Playingthewaitinggame · 04/03/2008 14:26

is this what you need? It has all years in it.

charliecat · 04/03/2008 14:33

You are a gem, thank you

OP posts:
mrz · 04/03/2008 21:12

Playingthewaitinggame that is the old strategy it was replaced in 2006

  • Note: There is no Strand 5 for Year groups 3-6. This strand (Word recognition: decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling)) only covers objectives from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1 since the expectation is that, for the majority of children, these learning objectives will have been covered by the end of Year 2.
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