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getting started w/ london primary schools

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catslaw · 03/03/2008 11:25

new to london (and parenthood). little one (1yr). i'm told the state primary schools in the london fields (hackeny) area are less than they ought to be. any recommendations on how to get started identifying and registering for "good" schools? is there a book that reviews schools (state, religious, independent, etc...)? thanks.

OP posts:
amidaiwish · 03/03/2008 12:19

for state schools, the best place to start is on the ofsted website here

this gives the latest inspection reports.

then the latest test results are here

good luck!

jennifersofia · 04/03/2008 06:45

Visit all the ones in your area, within a 20 min walk. See how you feel about them. Then read the ofstead. Then talk to other parents at local baby groups / playground / coming out of the school etc.

TheBlonde · 05/03/2008 14:59

Good Schools Guide is a useful book
They also have a website

frogs · 05/03/2008 15:01

In London Fields area, Gayhurst is meant to be good, ditto Queensbridge. I know people with children at each of these, and all seem happy.

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