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Anyone else heard from primary applications??

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Nemoandthefishes · 26/02/2008 22:14

Just had an email to say DS has place in our first choice.

OP posts:
Waswondering · 26/02/2008 22:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heated · 26/02/2008 22:17

Not until March 7th or 9th I think here.

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:17

f*ck me, 2 miles apart, and Liverpool not due to hear till Mid April. Madness.

Nemoandthefishes · 26/02/2008 22:18

fingers crossed for you both
Heated we were told after easter so was surprised by the email and felt a bit sick as I took a gamble and only applied to our first choice

OP posts:
Frizbe · 26/02/2008 22:18

28th March here

LyraSilvertongue · 26/02/2008 22:19

I'd forgotten about them. DS2 has sibling at school so we're not worried about getting a place. It's a fantastic school.

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:23

well done anyway. I'm still not 100% decided btw - after putting KD as first choice, I'm now wondering whether to just leave him where he is at nursery, which wasn't only my list of choices at all, but is likely to be undersubscribed.

Nemoandthefishes · 26/02/2008 22:26

TC if he is settled there I would consider it.

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 26/02/2008 22:27

pleased for you nemo. It's so precisely "In March" round here - and we're only a few miles away from you
DS2 will get in though as big bro is already there and siblings are the no1 criteria

IdrisTheDragon · 26/02/2008 22:28

We found out in December - no idea why Bedfordshire is so much earlier than other places.

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:29

He loves it, I just want to get a feel for how much they are going to help him out languagewise etc. Also need to find out how many pupils in year one - private SALT reckons S would benefit from small classes - reception is 30 kids with 4 members of staff, so that's OK, dunno if year one has as many staff.

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:29

Gigglewitch - are you Liverpool then or are you further out?

Nemoandthefishes · 26/02/2008 22:37

TC that seems like good numbers in ds school it is teacher and TA to 30kids

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 26/02/2008 22:37

woollyback witch, st helens

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:38

nursery and reception are 1 big class - think it's 2 teachers and 2 nursery nurses. not sure what it's like for year 1.

TotalChaos · 26/02/2008 22:38

pmsl at woolyback witch. so different areas then!

gigglewitch · 26/02/2008 22:42

figuring out infant classes is beyond me. ours is a fab school but somehow they mix assorted combinations of all year groups at various times during the week
After trying to work it out since DS1 was in nursery class (he's halfway through Y2 now) I have given up...

[even more worrying if you know i'm a teacher - obv not in this age range!!]

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