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I am doing it all worng because I am poorly - DD needs to look up "oscilloscope" for homework & all I get are sites to buty them from...please help me

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KatyMac · 21/02/2008 19:25

I am poorly
I want to go to bed as soon as DD finishes her homework
She is yr5
My brain is struggling & I can only find oscilloscope's to buy

Please, please help before i cry

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JackieNo · 21/02/2008 19:28

Definition? Is that what you need?

Twiglett · 21/02/2008 19:28

Twiglett · 21/02/2008 19:28

Twiglett · 21/02/2008 19:29

that should do it

KatyMac · 21/02/2008 19:31

thank you - sleep beckons

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