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DS getting so stressed over school (reception) that it is disturbing his sleep!! Help please...

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Alambil · 18/02/2008 15:07

DS is a good kid; he loves learning. He loves reading (he is on ORT 2+ if that means much...) and he is doing well at school, I think.

He had some problems at the beginning of term in September regarding his pencil control. I have managed to get him a darker pencil (not HB) and am encouraging him to press harder... not sure of the progress but am pretty sure there is some (teacher hasn't mentioned further issues...)

Anyway, last night DS woke up in a state at 1am and chatted about school. He is getting to the stage that he doesn't want to go to school because he "misses breaktime".

Now, I am pretty sure his teacher has NEVER kept him in - ever for not completing his work. I have no question of that. I do believe that DS has his wires crossed and her comment recently about missing part of his break because he changed slowly from PE has been mis-interpreted (he was 5 mins out late for breaktime).

He has also stated that he can't manage to write "a WHOLE sentence" (his stress) in the time allowed; according to DS there is only a few mins but I'm pretty sure they have around half an hour... (this is where the missing break came in - he says he is kept in if he doesn't finish... I am not at all sure of that).

What shall I do? Is this down to me - I mean, do I do charts etc for incentives to "work hard" and not be distracted etc or do I speak to teacher and see what she thinks?

I have no idea what to do - all I know is that DS used to love school and now he has started waking up and worrying that he isn't working fast / well enough to keep up (and, if I'm honest that REALLY angers me - he is 5 yrs old; he shouldn't be so stressed about performance!)

OP posts:
Alambil · 18/02/2008 15:08

Also, apologies if that doesn't make much sense - just running out door to get him... will clarify if needs be

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MamaG · 18/02/2008 15:09

I think you need to speak to his teacher and if you are happy with what she/he says, let DS know that you are working closely with school

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