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OK, OK... I know they shouldn't matter

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OrmIrian · 15/02/2008 15:41

but what is my yr 6 DS aiming for in his sats? Level 4 or 5.

OP posts:
LIZS · 15/02/2008 15:43

isn't it a 2 ?

LIZS · 15/02/2008 15:44

oh sorry thought aged 6 not yr 6 ! 4 is average iirc

Twiglett · 15/02/2008 15:46

level 4b would be what should be expected

could get 4a or 4c, or even 3 or 5

basically children are expected to get level 2 at end of year 2 (2b expected) then they go up one numerical level every 2 years .. so level 3 end of year 4 and level 4 end of year 6

Blandmum · 15/02/2008 15:48

4b is an 'Average' child. 5 is above 'average' 3 below

Blandmum · 15/02/2008 15:48

a 4b child would be then expected to be a 6b at the end of year 9 and to get aroubd 5 A* to C grades at GCSE

OrmIrian · 15/02/2008 15:49


DS is getting 4b and 4c and 5c for various mock tests. I had this vague feeling he should be on 5 for everthing. That's OK then

OP posts:
ulB · 15/02/2008 15:50

so what is higher, 2a or 2c?
Why couldn't they have introduced a more logical classification?

RubyRioja · 15/02/2008 15:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrmIrian · 15/02/2008 15:51

I think c is higher than b and a. I think...

OP posts:
Twiglett · 15/02/2008 15:56

no it goes a,b,c .. with a the highest

ruby that's strange .. does she have 'issues' with school or current teacher

Twiglett · 15/02/2008 15:57

also there are grades for reading, writing, maths and science I believe so you would have 4 grades not an overall 2b

ulB · 15/02/2008 17:22

So they progress through 2 c,b,a, 3 c,b,a,?

It's counter-intuitive and confusing!

fatzak · 15/02/2008 17:24

C is classed as just working withing that level
B working well within the level
A top of the level

RubyRioja · 15/02/2008 17:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RustyBear · 16/02/2008 15:02

Level three at KS1(infants) is not really comparable to level three at KS2 (junior). For example, in Maths a child can get a 3 by learning how to do eg doubling, some of the tables - it's fairly straightforward.

At KS 2 they have to start to learn how to apply that knowledge, there is much more problem solving where the child has to decide how to apply that knowledge to solve the problem - eg should I multiply or divide, add or subtract?

Some children who were on level 3 at KS1 have great difficulty with this kind of thing, and so it's pretty common for them to actually drop a sub-level or two when they go into Year 3.

At a school where assessment is being carried out & tracked properly, thse children will be picked up & given extra help in various ways - varying from the teacher/TA keeping a eye open to make sure they don't get 'left behind' in a lesson, to extra catch-up activities.

RubyRioja · 16/02/2008 15:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cory · 17/02/2008 15:58

OrmIrian on Fri 15-Feb-08 15:49:24
"DS is getting 4b and 4c and 5c for various mock tests. I had this vague feeling he should be on 5 for everthing"

4 b is what your average child should be getting. If your child is in a higher set for any subject, then that particular set may have been told that they are expected to get 5cs or whatever. I know that's happening at dd's school. But his results sound absolutely fine.

smartiejake · 17/02/2008 17:01

It does depend on what levels he got at KS1.
If he got level 3s then, he should be in line for level 5s at the end of KS2.

Generaly dcs are expected to improve by 2 levels from ks1 to ks 2. e.g. 1a to 3a (although below average results shows average progress)
2b to 4b

3c to 5c etc.

OrmIrian · 18/02/2008 10:29

I can't remember smartiejake. TBH I took them all with a very large pinch of salt at KS1. And I probably would be now if it wasn't for the fact that he's going up to secondary and all of a sudden it seems so serious. And more importantly he actually cares at last.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

OP posts:
Ellbell · 18/02/2008 19:59

Thanks for starting this thread OrmIrian... School are very good at attaching these 'labels' to children (dd has regular maths tests in which they are graded 3a/b/c), but not very good at telling us where they should be. I thought, until I read this thread, that the level was the same as the year they were in (iyswim). DD is in Year 3 and I thought she should be on Level 3, moving up to Level 4 next year and so on.

Just bumping this in case anyone else is as ignorant as me .

Ellbell · 18/02/2008 20:02

BTW, I can now reassure dd that she's not 'rubbish at maths' if she's getting 3b in tests only halfway through Year 3. Hooray! She's not the sort of child that responds to 'there there dear, I'm sure you're doing just fine', whereas if I can tell her that she's only meant to get to 4b by the time she's 11, she might actually believe me!

smartiejake · 19/02/2008 18:27

3b half way through year 3 is very good!

That's the average for the end of year 4

Ellbell · 21/02/2008 13:51

Thanks sj. According to dd some people in her class are getting 4c (though I think this is for a specific exercise, not necessarily for the whole maths curriculum), but I can now officially tell her that they are geniuses!! (I was telling her that she was doing fine anyway, but that was when I thought the average level was the same as the year she was in!

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