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my dd 5, has started wetting herself at school, and now at home.

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pirategirl · 11/02/2008 18:45

She has been coming home with wee'd in pants for about 2 weeks. She says that she 'forgets' and doesn't get to the loo in time. Or soemtimes she feels she can't interrupt the class/assembly to say she wants to go.

She has also started doing it at home now so the embarrasment bit isn't really an issue here, eg she isn't having to ask to go, she can just go.

This has happened before, when i thought she was having an emotionally difficult time over her dad. Yet there havent been any problems, none spoken of, for ages. Is she not coping as well as i think?

We have both had colds for two weeks, and I have noticed I have bee going alot more. Might be connected? (long shot !!)

any one elses' dc's had phases of this?

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DANCESwithaMuffinTop · 11/02/2008 18:47

Could she have a urine type infection? Might be worth getting that checked out to rule it out if nothing else.

pirategirl · 11/02/2008 18:50

hmm, i was wondering this. How would they check? a sample?

is this the kind of thing that happens when they have a urine infection. tbh my waterworks have been dodgy, with this cold. Sometimes a bit gripey iyswim, bit of back ache and too many wees. Yet i put that down to my pelvic floor having issues atm!!

OP posts:
DANCESwithaMuffinTop · 11/02/2008 18:55

Yes, urine sample, nothing more invasive than that.

pirategirl · 11/02/2008 18:56

ok thankyou, i will give it some thought.

OP posts:
critterjitter · 11/02/2008 18:57

My DD went through this at one stage. It is essentially anxiety (if an infection is ruled out). I'd see if you can establish if there are any issues at school.

pirategirl · 12/02/2008 19:01

I took dd to the gp this evening, and explained it all. I also explained I am having similar problems. dd's wee is clear, no infection.

GP suggested it may be to do with the colds we both have, that out bladders may be irritable.

I would just like to say tho, that I haven't been weeing my pants, i know to actaully get to the loo asap!!

She had to have a change today when she got home. Justhope it improves as we get well.

OP posts:
critterjitter · 12/02/2008 19:03

If it continues, you can ask to be referred to a Paediatrician.

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