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How often are primaries being inspected by Ofsted these days?

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roisin · 08/02/2008 21:15

Has anyone had two of the new-style (short/sharp) Ofsteds?

Ds's school were inspected July 2004.

Do you think that means they it is likely, probable of very unlikely they will be inspected this academic year?

I really hate the pressure that Ofsted puts on schools. This school is fab and got 'Outstanding' last Ofsted, and the highest grade (very good?) in the previous two as well. But it just means HT, SMT, Govs etc. are super-stressed to make sure the next one is equally stunning.

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roisin · 09/02/2008 09:17


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dutchmam · 09/02/2008 10:12

The ofsted website says 'at least once every 3 years'... Not sure if they keep to that!

roisin · 09/02/2008 15:58

Hmmm... Yeah. I'm not sure that at least once every 3 years is happening though.

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corblimeymadam · 09/02/2008 16:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam · 09/02/2008 16:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

roisin · 09/02/2008 16:25

I've just been surfing on the Ofsted site and all of the primaries/juniors/infants in the town (20 schools) have had one since we had ours!

So I guess they are right to expect one soon.

I just hope they get a move on and get it over and done with then. Last time they were 'expecting and Ofsted any day' for about 14 months

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clam · 09/02/2008 19:16

April 2003, and end January '08. Old sort, then new sort. Day and a half for a school with 16 classes. Just enough for them to confirm what they'd already surmised from the SEF.

Celia2 · 09/02/2008 20:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aintnomountainhighenough · 09/02/2008 20:24

Ours was inspected summer term 2007 and hadn't had an inspection since 2002. It had a relatively short report that contained lots of 4s .

Donk · 09/02/2008 21:24

The newest rules (Fridays TES) suggest that failing/satisfactory schools will be visited yearly. Others every 6 years but with an imformation gathering exercise as a check half way through on the 3 year mark.

roisin · 09/02/2008 22:15

Oh that sounds interesting Donk. I wonder when that will take effect.

Celia - I'm sure they would get a 'light touch' inspection.

OP posts:
Donk · 11/02/2008 15:43

Sept 2009 I think

Alambil · 12/02/2008 00:56

I'd expect a 2 day inspection very soon; our school got a very, very good Ofsted report last time and just got another one.

Hardly seems a good way of checking schools as they just check any areas in which the HT report and the last Ofsted don't agree (or something like that - the HT explained it to me the other day but I didn't take it all in!) but there you go! Stressful, rushed.. typical for government bodies I guess lol

clam · 12/02/2008 09:00

Don't think a re-visit after a year is definite in satisfactory schools; they just reserve the right to do so if they see fit - if the results don't improve, or whatever. With failing schools I think it's different. All kinds of measures are put in place to drive up standards.

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