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Has anyone ever heard of "New Way" reading books?

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angelstar · 05/02/2008 19:35

DS1 has recently been bringing home £New Way" reading books. He used to have ORT but I like these better.

OP posts:
LIZS · 05/02/2008 19:38

Is it part of the Ginn series ?

angelstar · 05/02/2008 19:44

I'm not sure it produced by "Nelson"

OP posts:
pagwatch · 05/02/2008 19:46

Yes. arn't they the ones with fat pig and Deb the Rat ?

angelstar · 05/02/2008 19:47

They are the ones Fat pig, Jip, Deb etc. They seem to be more phonic based as you can sound out almost all the words.

OP posts:
Iota · 05/02/2008 19:47

Meg the hen

Jip the Cat

Sam the Fox

Buda · 05/02/2008 19:47

DS gets these too sometimes. They seem to do ORT stage whatever and then the Ginn and New Way ones of the same stage. Means we stay on one stage for ages but at least I feel that DS had def 'got' that stage by the time we have finished it.

intravenouscoffee · 05/02/2008 21:31

I read New Way when I was at school (brief moment of nostalgia) but back in those days they were called Gay Way. Not sure when the titles changed. Sorry, not very relevant except to say that I've got an A level in English Literature so they can't have been all bad...

angelstar · 05/02/2008 21:48

I think from the replies we probably have them as he isn't ready to go onto the next level of ORT yet but has read all the level he is on. Thanks for the replies.

OP posts:
mummypig · 05/02/2008 21:51

yes ds1 also gets the New Way books and also seems to get them in between the levels of the other reading scheme he is on. To be honest he usually finds them pretty easy and races through them.

I find some aspects of the New Way books quite amusing - like missing out speechmarks, and that Fat Pig seems to be called Pat Pig in later books. Didn't know they used to be called 'Gay Way' too .

Polgara2 · 05/02/2008 22:31

Don't have ORT books at our school so get New Way at all levels amongst others. Will not be able to get Gay Way out of my head now and will be chuckling when I change the reading books. (Causing everyone to think I am madder than they already do I expect )

chipkid · 05/02/2008 22:33

Some of the old "gay way" books are hillarious-pat the pig was actually the "fat pig" there were some other politically incorrect stories about an old woman having lots of different coloured children!

cat64 · 05/02/2008 22:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tiredemma · 05/02/2008 22:38

yes- my boys school has them.

worzella · 05/02/2008 22:40

ours must be the old versions and someone has painstakingly gone through them changing fat pig to pat pig -

policywonk · 05/02/2008 22:40


I WORKED on new editions of these books in my first publishing job for good ol' Thomas Nelson.

Fark me.

janinlondon · 06/02/2008 08:06

Angelstar I don't think it means he isn't ready to go on to the next ORT level - it just means they are giving him more than one reading scheme. Lots of schools do this to achieve a greater breadth and more flexible reading ability. I think its a good idea. But don't think it reflects badly on your DS or says anything at all about his ability.

Buda · 06/02/2008 09:41

I agree with janinlondon Angelstar - I think it consolidates what they have done in that particular stage on ORT and stretches them in different ways. A bit like the "extra" books with each stage in ORT that focus on phonics etc.

MascaraOHara · 06/02/2008 09:53

My dd has 'new way' with fat pig etc.. she's never had ORT - I have no idea what level the equate to. She also has 'Crown Readers'

Crown seem harder and more advanced that 'New Way' even though they are all supposed to be the same

Elphaba · 06/02/2008 10:01

God I hate the New Way books. THey have them at the boys' school but they mix up and use lots of different reading schemes (including ORT and Literacy Land/Story Street). New Way are my least favourite - they are so, so dull and they always seem to be way easier than the other books that are put in the same level.

angelstar · 06/02/2008 11:06


The reason I thought it was because he wasn't ready to go onto the next level of ORT is because our school, one day he came home with the first book of the next level and did struggle with it. The next day he came home with the New Way books. I really like the New Way books as /they are very phonic based and DS can read them better, hence he feels more confident about reading. DS really struggles to learn his sight words and is a very phonetic child. (Also after already doing all the ORT books with DD something different is great)

Thanks for all the replies Its great to hear that others have heard of them as I had never come across them before.

OP posts:
montessori · 16/02/2008 11:17

hi, i know of new way but i also know of another series which is ecxellent. the phonic farm series has three level. they start with basic phonics and follow the structure of the english language. the illustrations are beautiful and thought provoking. you can google the phonic farm and find the publisher and supplier. i would welcome feedback as i am the author.

Alana1985 · 15/07/2008 15:00


Does anyone know where to buy these books?

I read them at school and loved them.


alibubbles · 15/07/2008 15:59

Nelson Thornes are the publishers now. You can order them from WH Smiths . I have a set of easy readers, white level. I teach the children i mind to read before they go to school if they are ready for it. New Way

mrz · 15/07/2008 18:05

New Way used to be called Gay Way and when they reprinted they changed the name but not the stories. My son hated the Fat Pig with a vengeance.

Hulababy · 15/07/2008 18:52

We have had some New Way books too, as part of the various different scheme books the school use.

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